Your healing is promised…but when?

Conceptual image with the word Heal on wooden blocks or cubes protected by the hands of a man sheltering them from above.

Psalm 103:3, Heals all your diseases. The Word of YHVH Elohim including the promises made therein is true regardless of our lack of understanding thereof with regard it applies to our specific life circumstances. In the case of YHVH’s promise to heal us of all our diseases, the one missing element in this promise is the time factor. 

The fact is that Elohim doesn’t tell us when he will heal us, just that he will. We may be healed instantly the moment we ask for it, or our healing occur sometime during this physical life, or we may obtain our physical healing when we receive our glorified bodies at the resurrection of the righteous dead. Either way, the Word of Elohim including the promises therein will have been true whenever we receive our healing. 

Regardless of the timing of our healing, the righteous saint will have trust in Elohim no matter what that the Creator knows the best timing to bless us with our healing, and our attitude must be that of Job, “Though he slay me, I know that my Redeemer lives.” 

More important than our physical healing, YHVH wants to form within us the character of Yeshua the Messiah—“to conform [us] to the image of his Son” (Rom 8:29), which is why we must believe with total faith that indeed “all things work together for good to those who love Elohim to those who are called according to his purpose” (Rom 8:28). This is also why we must be thankful to him in all things (1 Thess 5:18).


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  1. Romans 5:3 …because we know that trouble produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope;
    These are some reasons why Elohim not always heals immediately. As Natan has pointed out in another article, supernatural healing most often occurs in connection with evangelism as a kind of demonstration of the reality and power of Elohim.

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