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Luke 5:17, The power [Gr. dumanis] of YHVH was present. Sometimes the power of YHVH is present to heal people, sometimes it is not. There are many factors that determine if and when a person is healed divinely. These include such things as the sovereign will of Elohim for that person’s life, the faith of the individuals performing or receiving the healing, repentance of sin or the lack thereof, divine judgment, trials Elohim may be allowing in one’s life for character refinement (think righteous Job and Paul’s thorn in the flesh), and whether one is a saint or not and many more factors about which we may or may not be aware due to our limited human understanding of the spiritual dimension where Elohim operates.

Let’s now explore the healing activities of Yeshua to see what we can learn about the spiritual mechanics of divine healing.The Greek word dunamis in the phrase, “the power [dumanis] of YHVH was present” means “strength, power, ability” or, as often used in the Testimony of Yeshua, it can mean “miraculous power.” This statement by Luke is interesting when it comes to understanding the dynamics of Yeshua’s healing activities. Did Yeshua heal all people all the time, or only when the power of Elohim was present for him to do so? This verse, at least in this case, would indicate the latter. Elsewhere, we read that Yeshua “healed many that were sick” (Mark 1:34), but not all that were sick. On other occasions, the Gospels record indicates that Yeshua did in fact heal all the sick who were brought to him (Matt 4:23–25; 9:35; Luke 6:19). 

The Gospels also reveal some other interesting facts about Yeshua’s healing activities that we often pass over. On at least one occasions, Yeshua prayed to heal someone and they were only partially healed. Only after he prayed for them the second time, were they completely healed (Mark 8:22–25). Why was this? Couldn’t Yeshua have healed them the first time? Of course, but perhaps their faith wasn’t yet strong enough for them to be healed. Or maybe Yeshua was teaching us that sometimes we have to demonstrate persistent faith and keep seeking healing until the healing occurs. On other occasions, Yeshua healed people after he was “moved with compassion [love and pity]” for someone who was sick (Matt 14:14; Mark 1:41; Luke 7:13–15). The Greek word for compassion, literally means “to be moved in one’s bowels,” or in the deepest areas of one’s emotions. At other times, people simply touched Yeshua’s clothing as he was walking by, and the miraculous power (Gr. dunamis) of Elohim flowed from him and healed them (Matt 9:20; Mark 6:56; Luke 8:44 cp. Luke 6:19). They had the faith to be healed, and the received their miracle.

Elsewhere, it appears that Yeshua’s healing activities were hampered by the presence of those who ridiculed him and exhibited doubt and unbelief, which is why, on one occasion, he put the doubters out of the room and closed the door behind them, when he raised the little girl from the dead (Mark 5:40–42). Similarly, in his hometown of Nazareth, Yeshua “could do no mighty works there” except for healing a few sick people, “because of their [the townspeople’s] unbelief” (Mark 6:5–6; also Matt 13:58). Matthew’s account adds that the people of Nazareth were offended (literally, scandalized) by Yeshua, or that they stumbled over (or judged unfavorably, distrusted) Yeshua. Because of their low esteem for him, they lacked the faith to receive healing, which is why he healed so few people in that town.

When it comes to praying for divine healing, when in doubt, always look for an opportunity to pray for a sick person. Before praying, one must discern the situation. Does the person have faith to be healed? Is the anointing or Presence of YHVH there to heal the person? How is the Spirit of Elohim directing one to pray? Sometimes we sense the need to pray more authoritative prayers, other times, more pleading or intercessory prayers, and still other times prayers of agreement while asking heaven for the healing.

What’s more, prospective converts and new believers tend to have their prayers for healing answered more quickly, since this is a demonstration of the signs Yeshua promised that would follow the preaching of the gospel. Yeshua declared that divine healing as a result of the laying on of hands was to be a result of the preaching of the gospel to the unsaved (Mark 16:15–18).True, the saint can be healed, but often this will occur after having their faith stretched and refined. Therefore, the healing sometimes takes longer to receive.


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  1. You can’t just claim the promises, you must proclaim them. “They” wanted me to believe that I was on my deathbed and not on my healing-bed, but YHVH had other plans for me 🙂 It’s also interesting to note that in Netzeret (Nazareth) or as I’ve heard it called “Olive Branch Town” which the olive tree ad a symbol for Israel, not many were healed due to unbelief etc but I see unfruitful branches there being cut off as well.

  2. Great insight, Natan!
    Just like to add that in our present society, many diseases are caused by people themselves, by putting too much stuff into their mouth that is actually not food but poisons.
    I have been very much impressed by a Christian (7th Day Adventist) lady who is a naturopath/nutritionist and she lectures on the physiology of the human body and how it should be fed. Recently, she has been banned for life from lecturing and running her health centre in Australia because she spoke against immunization and claimed that ‘raw’ goats milk was the best substitute for breast milk. I have listened to all her lectures on you tube and sincerely love this lady.
    If Natan permits it, I will give her name, so people can access her advice.
    Shalom to all,

  3. Hello Folks : just reading all the comments to this post.

    I also believe we are what we eat but I guess we have to be aware & everything in balance. GMOS & the whole Monsanto connection is very interesting also..

    They must have had meat in bible days The Passover Lambs.. etc quail.. except when Daniel fasted in Daniel 10 ..Esther fast etc..

    I believe Yeshua still heals today and he can use many avenues for our bodies to receive the healing we need.! He is the Best Physician.

    I know it was the anointing of The Ruach Ha Kodesh that helped my body heal from many physical problems back in 1991-1993 ..I had a severe back problem from all my Nursing years and had to undergo an operation on my lower back L4-5 and L5-S1 lumbar discs ruined. worn.- the shock absorbers of my back.. the neurosurgeon told my husband I had the back of a 53 year old truck driver.! @ the time I was a 35 year old married mum with one 4 year old
    and the prospect of spending 19 days in Hospital to rectify my back problem….I did overcome in the end but not without the Help Of the One who Heals Yeshua Ha Maschiach.

    I am also aware of the SDA health diet etc they/ we had friends in the SDA church back in 2003 … they attended there as it was the only group who kept the 7 th day Sabbath @ that time apart from a Messianic congregation in Caulfield. Melb. I know in one of the national geographic magazines it was stated in an article I read that Adventists usually lived longer lives, less rates of cancer? Heart Disease & diabetes which is interesting.

    I am aware of the person Sonja mentions in her comment I listened to some of her stuff a few years ago.
    and there was a Health Retreat ? still exists. .I do not remember her name though.

    • Hi Christine,
      We also used to belong to a 7th Day Adventist congregation. Their general proposed diet is a far cry from what Barbara O’Neill teaches. Many of them are vegetarians but they were really into their sweets, while Barbara teaches that the highly processed cane sugar acts as a poison to the human body. Her health retreat is in NSW but now that she is banned, I don’t know whether it is still operating.
      Blessings, Sonja

  4. Thank you Sonja. thank you for replying ; I understand what you mean by the diet difference : I do have one cook book put out by a lady ( School principles wife)..the school where my youngest son attended primary school put out a cook book which was called cooking for a healthy heritage.

    Savoury recipes .Lacto- Ovo. & Vegan.

    Dessert Recipes .Lacto-Ovo & Vegan.

    Fruit based desserts and cakes in this book it says with most having no added sugar.

    With the population tending towards obesity, the recipes are predominately low fat with no added sugar.

    I know the Father- Elohim wants us to look after our bodies.. we only get one body whilst on this earth so I believe we really need to look after it considering the Health aspects and diseases that are so prevalent now.

    I did do a search on Barbara O’Neill and found some of her health videos they are still available..

    The Health resort is still listed. ( Misty Mountain). for NSW. & a face book with her husband speaking regards what had occurred.

    There is also so much technology out there in the world plus 5 G etc Smart meters radiation etc in much of this technology that can be harmful plus what they spray in the air.

    I listen to a lady called Deborah Tavares – she lives in Sonoma County California & she talks about a lot of this harmful stuff. she has several videos on you Tube.. many actually she has been interviewed in Ireland & other places she has done much research over many years on all this stuff. and does do a lot of talks in educating people to what we are facing with all this technology. one I am listening to is Silent Weapon warfare part 1 & 2.

  5. Reply To Christine Chapman,

    NOTE: Every single document that Deborah Tavares uses to support every single one of her claims is explained in the link below at the bottom.

    Deborah Tavares claims that all environmental regulation in the United States is the direct result of “Agenda 21”, a 1992 United Nations proposal to protect some of the Earth’s remaining environment and some of the Earth’s remaining biodiversity.

    But, Tavares claims that the real purpose of Agenda 21 (and therefore all environmental regulation) is to expand the wilderness into areas already occupied by humans, so as to incrementally drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into increasingly-smaller, increasingly-concentrated, tightly-packed, over-populated “Kill Cities” in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. Thus, Tavares contends that environmental regulation will cause the extinction of mankind (exactly the opposite of what environmental regulation will actually do).

    Tavares’ motive in making this absurd claim is to cause Americans to oppose all environmental regulation in the mistaken belief that they are saving their rural and suburban homes (and their very lives) in the process.

    To support her claims, Tavares actually forges documents, alters and changes words and images on documents and intentionally mischaracterizes what the documents actually are and what they actually say.

    For more on Deborah Tavares, her claims and her documents, Google “The Hoaxes Of Deborah Tavares” (in quotes) or click here. Agenda 21 is Post #5.

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