The Silver Lining in Joseph’s Cloud

Genesis 45:5, 7, 8, Elohim sent me. Joseph was sold into slavery at age 17, was freed from prison and made ruler of Egypt at age 30. After that, seven years of plenty followed, and then two years of famine had passed by the time he was reunited with is brothers. Only after 22 years in Egypt did Joseph finally figure out Elohim’s grand and wonderful plan for his life, and how it involved the saving of his family.

Had Joseph lost faith along the way, become embittered over his multiple misfortunes, and turned away from Elohim, the nation of Israel may have never been preserved. 

Keeping one’s eyes on YHVH Elohim, and refusing to lose faith during the dark times of one’s life can yield some amazingly triumphant outcomes, as we learn from the life of Joseph. This is because YHVH watches over those who place their trust in him and who obey him the best they can. Their lives are in his hands, and the circumstances of their lives are under his guidance. Because of his love for his children, and because of the good plans he has for them, whatever he allows to happen to them will be for their ultimate good. So find the blessing in everything and your love and faith in your Creator will be strengthened.

Does the story of Joseph sound like a trite chliché to you? Well, read the Bible; it is full of such stories of hope, faith and blessing. Moreover, millions of Bible believers down through the ages have similar stories to tell because they trusted in the Word and promises of Elohim. So put your trust in him today. What have you got to lose except your dark despair and empty hopelessness?


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