Don’t cause YHVH to treat you like a stubborn mule!

Psalm 32:8–9, Do not be like. When YHVH disciplines us, he would prefer that we respond to his gentle voice of correction such as mere look of his eye whether it be that he is showing his approbation or disapproval for what we are doing.

If we fail to respond to his slightest glance of correction, he may have no alternative but “to turn up the heat, so that we’ll see the light” by treating us like a stubborn mule, who needs the bridle and bit (and maybe even the quirt) to bring it back into line.


1 thought on “Don’t cause YHVH to treat you like a stubborn mule!

  1. In other words (we speak in other words-He speaks OTHER WISE) ” when our tribulations get too light, we tend to stray from Thee” from the Mahalia Jackson song “Lord, don’t move the mountain.” Sometimes if you want the juice, you got to squeeze the grapes. If we are attentive (being in the Word) we can walk the Way. Attention is something you Pay! Then maybe He won’t have to squeeze so hard 🙂

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