An October Shabbat Shalom to All!

This means that Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles is almost here…HalleluYah!!

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. (Jer 8:20)

I took these photos during my prayer walk this Shabbat morning.

All around my neighborhood, YHVH Elohim’s creation is bursting forth—yay, even shouting—with a brilliant menagerie of vibrant autumn colors. This occurs each fall as the trees’ green chlorophyll abandon the leaves in its descent into the trunk and roots where it will be stored waiting out the winter ready to be called upon to empower next spring’s foliar awakening. Left behind are the red, yellow and orange carotenoids colors to finally reveal their presence, which has been in the leaves all along being over-powered by the green chlorophyll.

Please enjoy!


8 thoughts on “An October Shabbat Shalom to All!

  1. Beautiful, tree man. I am blessed to be in Jerusalem this Sukkot. Remembering our Sukkots together.

  2. Natan I think photography is another of your strong gifts… ( photos are all really lovely to look at. thanks for sharing these ..find them so uplifting……Elohims creation & beauty.

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