Dear Natan: If I’m a Christian, should I keep the dietary laws?

Sherly asks, I know that you’re a Messianic Jew who keeps the biblical dietary laws, but I’m a Gentile Christian, so should I keep them too?

Here is my answers:

I have hundreds of articles and video teachings answering your question. Start searching then out and learning! In the mean time, here is the briefest answer that I know to give to your question:

First, I am not a Messianic Jew. Whether one is Jewish or non-Jewish has nothing to do with anything. What’s important is that one is a disciple of Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah and is obedient to the Word of Elohim. 

A Christian, by definition, is one who follows and imitates Christ/Messiah. This is what Paul did (1 Cor 11:1; 4:14) and John did (1 John 2:6) as well as all the other New Testament disciples of Yeshua did. If I’m a follower of Messiah, then I will be doing what he did. He kept the commandments of Elohim; if he didn’t he was a sinner and not our perfect and sinless Savior. Likewise, if we don’t, we’re sinners. So shouldn’t we be following the examples of Yeshua and the NT saints? Isn’t this what the whole message of the NT and the whole Bible is all about—living righteous, holy and sin free lives? Any philosophy of men (I don’t care how many men, denominations or churches teach and believe it) that says otherwise doesn’t line up with the Word of Elohim. Period. So toss it and get back to the Bible!


3 thoughts on “Dear Natan: If I’m a Christian, should I keep the dietary laws?

  1. so interesting…my list of sins, which probably are not evident to anyone but me (and of course, Jesus, is so numerous, that i often question whether or not I am even saved…which i alway firmly believe that satan is saying that to me…im not young in my faith, but I feel I am still very immature in my faith and I try to read the word every day, and i pray often, I know He know my heart, my diet is often a source of sin for me ( and again, you’d never know it, I am of the tall, thin variety, but I often feel like a glutton)…wow, here I am barring my soul on social probably stupid, eh? thank you for your thoughts.

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