Come Out of Her My People!

Deuteronomy 16:22, You shall not erect for yourselves a pillar [Heb. matstsebah], which YHVH your Elohim hates.

The Anti-Torah, Demonic Origins of Obelisks, Steeples and the Christmas Tree

The word pillar/­VCMMN) is the Hebrew word matstsêbâh and literally means “stand (upright), be set (over), establish.” One of the derivatives of this word is pillar or standing image. Such pillars were erected for pagan religious purposes (see The TWOT). C.J. Koster in his book The Final Restoration (reprinted as Come Out of Her My People) cites historical evidence for relating these pillars to the Egyptian and Babylonian obelisk, which was connected to sun worship (see also and the phallic symbol (also He states that these pillars were commonly erected at the entrances to pagan temples (also as fertility symbols in honor of the sun deity (Koster. p. 79). 

Even an Egyptian obelisk of this sort sits in the very center of the Catholic Church’s St. Peter’s Square in Rome, and it is traditional for obelisk-shaped steeples to be found on many Christian churches to this day in the form of a steeple (ibid., p. 81). Richard Rives in his book, Too Long In the Sun,makes the same connection between the Egyptian obelisk, Canaanite standing pillars and the Christian church steeple (p. 136). 

What is the point here? YHVH commanded Israel to destroy these pagan symbols and to have nothing to do with them. They were abominations that would defile YHVH’s set-apart people. Have his people heeded his command? Many of these remnants of ancient pagan cultic practices remain in both the Protestant and Catholic churches to this day (Easter/Ishtar, Christmas/Saturnalia, the Christmas tree/Tammuz tree, the Christmas wreath/a pagan fertility symbol, Lent, Easter eggs and rabbits, and the list goes on and on). Does YHVH’s command to his people of the end times to come out of spiritual Babylon (see Rev 18:4) now take on a new meaning to you?

Pillar.The pillars the Canaanites erected to worship their gods were actually phallic symbols commemorating the incursion of the demon gods (sons of Elohim) when they had sex with the daughters of men to create their Nephilim or demigod children in the pre and post flood world (see Gen 6:2–6). 

The Canaanites were not the only indigenous ancient people to have such a tradition of the gods mating with humans to create supernatural offspring. So did the Yoruba tribes of West Africa as well as the native peoples of Madagascar, Polynesia, New Zealand, along with the Hopi, Acoma, Arihara and Apache of North America, along with Celtic, Japanese, East Indians, Australians and Scandinavians. “Trees were employed…as facilitators, or places of meeting/joining of the gods of heaven with Mother Earth, while their branches reach out to Father Sky, of the gods of heaven…[T]rees form a bridge between heaven and earth and are a symbol of regrowth (reincarnation)…Because trees can live for hundreds and hundreds of years, their extraordinary life span represents  the immortality of the gods and the immortal spirit given to the original Nephilim. The World Tree is also the Tree of the Knowledge of both good and evil, for knowledge in pantheistic culture holds the key to immortality and reincarnation” (The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, p. 122, by Gary Wayne). “A Judeo-Christian, then, should be wary of the Christmas tree, for the immortal evergreen represents the meeting place of the gods and Mother Earth and the creation of Nephilim” (ibid., p. 123).

The act of the fallen angelic sons of Elohim mating with the daughters of men (Gen 6:2–4) and the results thereof literally turned the pre-flood world upside down resulting in YHVH’s most severe judgments against these evil-doers and those who followed them. The phallus to this day is the object that represents this act of rebellion and represents the unlawful sexual union between heaven and earth that created demons. Peter and Jude refer to this in their epistles (2 Pet 2:4; Jude 6).


12 thoughts on “Come Out of Her My People!

  1. Awesome information Natan.
    Wisdom is for the wise … unfortunately those who are happy with the world’s way discard it as unnecessary.
    So many idolators live in pretence before Yeshua saying they are loving Him whilst slapping Him in the face to idolise the false traditions of pagan worship.
    Shalom Shalom to All.
    Shavua Tov.

  2. Elohim declared people who stumbled over a tomb unclean but the Christian churches are often surrounded by grave yards and some even contain bodies of ‘saints’ inside.
    Just another example of willfulness of the papacy.

    • It seems to me that graveyards around churches, and, in some cases, graveyards literally in churches (like I saw at Westminster Abbey recently in London) is prophetically symbolic of dead religious systems that have little or nothing to do with the truth of the Bible, not to mention that such a practice is a total ignorant rejection of Torah. “COME OUT OF DEAD, TREE OF KNOWLEDGE RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS, MY PEOPLE,” cries and shouts our Father in heaven!!!

  3. I have a question about Gen.6. In verses 5-7, YHVH is sorry that He made man, and we are told that it is man’s wickedness which is driving Him to wipe out the earth with a flood. Why is no blame laid upon the Nephilim in these passages?

    • Good question. My studies on this subject have revealed that elsewhere in Scripture such blame is hinted at. Also, Second Temple Jewish literature strongly attributes such blame as does the Book of Enoch. This is a deep subject and worthy of careful consideration. I recommend reading Dr. Michael Heiser’s book entitled “Reversing Hermon” for enlightenment on this subject. He does a masterful job of showing the scriptural basis for this understanding.

  4. Perhaps Coleen it is that man chooses to disobey the commandment and that is the wicked heart that enabled the people to not fight the wickedness of the Nephilim by asking for YHWH’s help who surely does help in preserving a remnant and providing eternal salvation to all who have a heart that Shuvs…..returns to Him.

    I have come across 2 versions of the Nephillim.
    One as sons of the righteous line who chose to mix with the daughters of the unrighteous because of lust for physical beauty and not spiritual beauty and then chose to abominate the line of salvation at work in God’s creation.
    The other is Nephillim were fallen angels. If that is the case Abba has always saved a remnant of those who choose not to participate in darkness as well…..If women are raped or taken unwillingly or if women decide to side with wickedness for gain God knows.

    Shalom FJ

  5. Thank you, FJ, I appreciate your thoughts and open dialogue about this subject. I have many questions about this issue and have been studying it for quite some time. I am not satisfied with any of the explanations I have found yet so am waiting for YHVH to show me the truth.

    • You are welcome Coleen.

      I am not an expert and we all should be seekers of truth and some things will be refined as more light about them is revealed.
      I am certain that some things are not meant to be our only focus and that Abba is looking for growth in our character as disciples of Christ. which means to love ultimately and not knowledge alone.

      I am sure you know this too.

      May Abba give you all the strength you require to find the way of Love in Him that passes all understanding too.

      Love in Messiah
      Shavua Tov

  6. Could Deuteronomy 16:21-22 be implying that we should not place any tree or tree-like pagan (Asherah) object near an altar to the Lord (a place where we draw near to/worship the LORD)? The text also doesn’t say whether a person is worshiping the thing or not. The text just forbids the location of the pagan symbol.

    How does this affect the participation in worship, prayer, bible study in a home that has such a decorated tree (Christmas tree)? Should we avoid such a scenario if possible? Our family has been studying Scripture with another family. Although they are seeking truth, they are still celebrating Christmas and will be putting up their tree very soon.

    We’re thinking that it might be necessary to postpone our studies together until after the holidays when the detestable thing is removed? How can we pray to our God with such a thing a few feet away? We’re thinking this might be an opportunity to lovingly (without condemnation) explain to this sincere family how serious it is to use the things of paganism to glorify the Lord and point them to Scripture to research it themselves, however we respect their right to celebrate their holidays and we can resume again afterwards.

    A second opinion on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    • In my articles and teachings, I try to give the biblical principles and guidelines relating to a subject, and what people do with them and how they apply them in their specific circumstances is up to them as they’re guided by the Ruach. The Bible doesn’t usually tell us how to apply those principles, although through its stories, sometimes we get an idea how to apply them in every day life. However, it’s sometime hard to relate specifically to people who lived thousands of years ago, and it’s sometimes hard to know exactly how to apply those principles in our life today. This is where the Spirit will guide us on what to do and how to apply the biblical guidelines in our specific situation.

      With regard to a Bible study with a Christmas tree in the venue, to me you’re thinking is along the right lines, and what you say is my understanding as well, and I’d probably be doing the same thing.

      For 18 years I was head pastor of a Torah-based gospel-oriented congregation. Fifteen of those years, we rented a Baptist church building. During what we referred to as “the red and green season” we’d move our services out of the main sanctuary, which was decorated to the hilt including their Tammuz-phalis tree, and we’d vacate to the fellowship hall for a month or so. Often they’d have a small tree in there too, and we’d either cover it with a sheet (and call it the ghost of Christmas past) or we’d simply move the whole thing out of the room. We didn’t want it in there. As ex-spiritual Babylonians, a tree just didn’t fit in with who we were or what we were teaching and doing.

      May Yah bless you for your faithfulness!

  7. Bethy.. I have just read your comment.. yes it is a dilemma especially when by His Ruach Ha Kodesh we have been shown that this is a pagan celebration ..the Whole of Christmas ..& of course the pagan tree.. almost like a Phallic symbol in shape.

    You last paragraph sounds like a good solution .

    There is a verse in Jeremiah Chapter 10 – verses 1 Hear the word of The Most High -Elohim speaks to you, O house of Israel
    verse 2 Thus says YHVH
    Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;
    Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,
    For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.

    verse 3 For the customs of the people are futile;
    For one cuts a tree from the forest.
    The work of the hands of the workman.
    with the axe.

    verse 4.They decorate it with silver and gold;
    They fasten it with nails and hammers
    So that it will not topple.

    verse 5.They are upright like a palm tree.
    And they cannot speak;
    They must be carried.
    Because they cannot go by themselves.
    Do not be afraid of them.. all the rest of the verses are very interesting.

    It is such a hard TRUTH re Christmas to convey to our friends & family.. associates etc..
    it was one of the hardest truths we as a family had to deal with.Well that & Easter. Sabbath included.

    we never were Big into Christmas but prior to 2003 we did celebrate it in a small way but not big on decorations etc.. even the church we went to prior to 2003 always had a Sunday shared lunch prior to the big family day December 25. until the Father opened our eyes to the truth.. thru reading an article- How Pagan is Christmas in 2004-2005.

    Prayer & fasting is the answer for the Ruach to open their eyes to truth, veil- scales from their be removed & to open their ears by the power of The Ruach.

    There were many videos I found on you tube back then 2004-2005 re the pagan roots of Christmas.. very good at explaining why true believers should not participate in this pagan celebration..I believe came out of Rome… with other pagan roots..

    including Christmas wreaths , Bells.. tinsel , miseltow , Holly & ivy… + much more.

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