Are you feeding on fresh or stale manna?

Deuteronomy 11:13, If you will hearken.In the Hebrew, this phrase literally reads, “If hearken, you will hearken….” Rashi (the Medieval Jewish Torah scholar) interprets the double usage of this verb to mean, “If [you] listen to the old, you will listen to the new” meaning that if one listens to what one has already learned by taking care to review and understand it, one will gain new insights or fresh insights into the Torah (The ArtScroll Sapirstein Edition Rashi—Devarim, p. 110; The ArtScroll Stone Edition Chumash, p. 995). 

What does this teach us about studying YHVH’s Word consistently and regularly? YHVH gave the Israelites fresh (not stale) manna every day, even as he watered the land of Israel with the early (fall) and latter (spring) rains (a symbol for spiritual refreshment), so that the land would be fruitful without the need of man-made irrigation systems. Manna and rain both came from heaven and are used as figures of speech Hebraically to represent Torah-truth. 

Is your life being renewed regularly with fresh revelation and insights into the Word of YHVH, into his very heart and character? Does this not refresh, nourish and sustain the ground of your life, so that it yields an abundant spiritual crop of joy, shalom, intimacy with the Father and anointing? Is your life a place of fresh manna and constant rain, or a place of stale bread and drought? If so, what changes do you need to make in your life to change this situation?


4 thoughts on “Are you feeding on fresh or stale manna?

  1. Wow! I love that first paragraph! and yes we need a refreshing every day. How many times have we read Scripture and then one day we read it anew and it speaks to us differently NOT because it differs but because we are at a different place in our walk and because His Word is alive! it is health to our flesh and healing to our bones Prov 4:22

  2. Shalom All
    Our Heavenly Father doesn’t force feed us but sets the table with all His good things In this present age & we can still choose that which is not good from another or only eat what our palates are used to from the complexity before us & not desire to taste The Fullness in His Word as well.
    Some only want milk & pap chewed by others….some want to mature & stretch to reach the other dishes & Abba knows the time when to add another vegetable or another dish of delights closer to us too for our benefit.
    Great is the Kadosh one of Israel
    Esteem Him in all the Earth & Heavens. Love to all FJ

    • Thank you bro! It’s a blessing and a source of great joy to be a river of life and a tool of the Father to help folks—especially those in far-flung places like you. We’re all in the wilderness of the peoples (Ezek 20:35, even when we live in major population centers. Soli Deo gloria!

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