Should you vote for the “lesser of two evils”?

Deuteronomy 9:4–5, Do not think. YHVH chose the lesser of two evils when he chose the Israelites. His choice was between the more sinful pagans and the less sinful Israelites. Let’s be real here. He made the same choice when he chose you and me! Yes I get the fact that he chose the Israelites ultimately because he was bound to his covenant with Abraham, but let’s not forget one thing. After the golden calf incident, YHVH threatened to destroy all the Israelites and fulfill his promises through Moses’ seed. So he could have circumvented the majority of the sinful Israelites and still fulfilled his promises to Abraham through Moses’ offspring. Bottom line. But for the grace of Elohim none of us stand a chance. When he extended a call to you and me to receive salvation, he made a choice between the lesser of two evils!

Now let’s kick this ball into a different arena.

When voting for elected officials, we will never have the perfect candidate. It will always be a vote for the lesser of evils until King Yeshua returns to this earth and sets up his world-ruling government at which time voting won’t even be an option. His government will be forcibly imposed on humanity and enforced with a rod of iron! But you hopefully get my point. When voting, I usually have to vote between the lesser of two evils. If YHVH sometimes has to make the choice between the lesser of two evils, who am I to say that I’m better than the Creator by refusing to vote, while waiting for the perfect candidate? I wasn’t the perfect candidate, yet he “voted” for me?


4 thoughts on “Should you vote for the “lesser of two evils”?

  1. “All politics is violence. Delegating rights we don’t have to a “public servant” it is a pitiful attempt at justifying theft, imprisonment, torture, and murder of our fellow man. Herein lies the underlying inconsistency. Nobody can delegate “rights” to another person that one did not already possess. We cannot steal from our neighbor. We cannot threaten our neighbor with arbitrary “laws”. We cannot extort, torture, or imprison our neighbor for failing to comply with our “laws”. We cannot buy goods and services, use them in the name of the “public good” and then send the bill to our neighbor. Yet these very wretchedly fraudulent actions and more we “legitimize” constantly when we go out and exercise the State worshiping racket known as voting.
    There is no pride whatsoever in choosing the Socialist, the Fascist, or the Communist to sit on the throne of power . Belief in “government” has caused most of the atrocities we read and learn about in the history books, and which are continuing to this day. Government only exists to perpetuate itself. Government is not a necessary evil. It is an unnecessary evil. Let go of this fantasy.

    The ease with which decent people engage in voting is a testament to the innate desire of humans to bring about goodness in the world. However a clear distinction must be made between doing good yourself and trusting that murderous sociopaths using the guns of the “State” will do good on your behalf. The former is simple and direct; the latter is distorted and violent.” I only vote as a means of self defense because of my duress.

  2. In politics, all you get is left wing, right wing and centre; its all the same bird (the power of the air).
    I personally will be glad to give up all ‘freedom’ for the Kingdom.
    Shalom to all, John

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