Dear Natan: Can I continue to use the non-biblical names for Elohim?

Question from Mark: I notice you use Messiah or Elohim etc…, would it be okay to use Jesus or God in my questions? 

Natan’s answer: That’s like me asking you if you’d be offended if I called you George or Kathy. You probably wouldn’t be offended, and you’d figure out who I was talking to, but those aren’t your names. Those are names that I made up and then started calling you. This is the same with Jesus, God and so on.
What you call Elohim, Yeshua and so on is between you and Him. He knows who you’re talking to if your heart is directed to him. However, I’m just challenging you to come to a higher level of biblical truth by using his real biblical and Hebrew names. If you’re content to stay at a lower level, which I don’t think you are or else you wouldn’t be emailing me with questions, then that’s your decision.


15 thoughts on “Dear Natan: Can I continue to use the non-biblical names for Elohim?

  1. My opinion….using Biblical names YHVH, Yahshua gives me a reality of the Creator and the Hebrew Messiah. In the world here are many gods and christs. Biblical Names eliminate any possibility of confusion of to whom I’m refering.

    • Well said, and the same it true for me. If you say “God” or “Christ” it used to be clear who you were talking about: the God of the Bible. Now God can refer to Allah, and Christ can have new age implications (e.g. the Christ consciousness, the Christ within).

      • Is there something wrong with using the phrase “Christ consciousness”? I use this term when Im explaining my focus and the things that I will only dabble in, Christ has to be the center focus, my conscious has to know that.

      • It all depends on context, who you’re talking to and what they read into the meaning of the words. I’m all about clear communication, so that my reader or listener in no way misunderstand me. Therefore, for fear that I’ll be misunderstood to mean something that I don’t mean, I choose my words carefully. There is nothing wrong with the phrase “Christ consciousness” in and of itself as long as the one with whom you’re communicating knows that you’re not infusing it with new age connotations. After all, it was the Antichrist new agers who came up with the term, right? It is, therefore, a tainted term, and, therefore, one I usually avoid, and if I do use it, I will explain what I mean.

        BTW, his name, technically, isn’t “Christ” anyway. This is not what the NT Hebrew speakers would have called him. It was Mashiach (i.e. Messiah). How about Messiah consciousness or better yet Mashiach consciousness?

  2. I have explained to various people that Yeshua is the real name of our Lord. Many are surprised and really didn’t know, like myself. Most of them however will not use His real name; perhaps out of stubbornness or they find it difficult to change.
    For me, it was very easy because I was keen to get everything right and I am sincerely searching for the Truth. Whenever I read the name Jesus somewhere, I automatically read in my mind or aloud Yeshua.
    I do occasionally use the word God thinking that’s o.k. because its not a name.
    Blessings to all,

  3. I understand that the restoration (rehabilitation) of all thing mentioned in Acts 3:21 is NOW. One of those things s the NAME….also the calendar and the Hebrew language that was not in general use for so many years.
    There’s a Scholar Karaite Jew, that has found interesting data to support tat the Name is not lost or not allowed to be spoken, it appears several thousands times in the Tanakh, The Name according to him, Nehemia Gordon is YeHoVaH.. and I would suggest you as Truth seekers to go to his Youtube channel and listen to what he has to say and see if it is in agreement with everything else you now about it in the Scriptures. Nehemia has found more than 1000 manuscripts that contain the vowels of the Name and also portions of Luke, John and revelation in Hebrew, and of course the Hebrew Mathew. Those manuscripts of the Hebrew Gospels contain the Name YeHoVaH with the vowels.
    So if you want to know the Names as they originally are go to the original language the Revelation and Scriptures were given to us, and it’s Hebrew. Yeshua didn’t teach in Aramaic or Greek and it is corroborated by the Hebrew text itself. There’s much to say about this. Please don’t put this aside, take a look at what Nehemia has to say.

      • Hmmm… Before I knew the Hebrew names of Elohim, he heard and answered my prayers, and probably yours too.

        When a young child is just learning how to speak, sometimes he can’t pronounce people’s names properly, or maybe he doesn’t know their name. We don’t ignore the child because when he calls us by the wrong name do we? Neither does our Father in heaven. He hears the language of our hearts and is patient and long-suffering toward us. However, when we grow up and learn how to speak, we learn how to speak properly; therefore, it’s time for the people of Elohim to start learning how to pronounce his name properly and stop using other man-invented names. People! Stop acting and talking like babies!

    • I agree. I have been following NG for nearly 20 years, know him personally and have spent time with him both in Israel and in America. I have quoted him in my writings and referenced him and linked to some of his videos on this blog.

      As you all may well know, I’m very careful who I reference on this blog. Unless I believe in the integrity of a person and the accuracy of their info, their name will not appear here. That’s how much respect I have for this man.

      I agree that YHVH/Yehovah has been using NG, along with many others, to help restore biblical truths including how to pronounce YHVH and the biblical calendar. Now let’s all pray NG will receive Yeshua as his Messiah!

      • I don’t think even NG knows just how close he really is to doing just that! Been praying for him and you every night 🙂

      • You may be right about NG. My wife witnessed to him about Yeshua face to face across a restaurant table in Tiberius, Israel when we were on his aviv barely search in 2008. I know that we aren’t the only ones to have done so.

        Thank you for your prayers.

        I hope you don’t think that I need to accept Yeshua too… 😉

  4. I would like to add my very personal oppinion that is that NG has done for the ‘christian’ world more that anybody after the apostles of Yeshúa ha Mashíach, and I personally think he is awating for the coming of Mashíach as much as we are and that he knows that Mashíach is whoever that fulfills the prophesies about Him in the Tanakh and he will know that Yeshúa is Mashíach when the time comes.

  5. From studies I did, I have learned that the original Hebrew language has never used written vowels. Apparently, it was the Masoretes, who invented the vowel system and added them to some ancient manuscripts. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the source for this information.

  6. HaShem is all in the Hearing, Not for the Looking: Shema Yisrael;
    Faith and Understanding come from Hearing the Words of Elohim.
    To look upon YHVH is Death.
    To Listen to YHVH is Love & Life.
    1 Yochanan 4:7-10. YHVH (TTT)
    Now Listen & Hear:
    Y’AHAVAH (God is Love)
    YA’HAVAH (God is Life)
    YAH’AVAH (God’s Heart Desires Revealed)
    If you don’t understand what you are Hearing, you won’t See it.
    Please take care with this name (3. Commandment)

    B’resheet Bara Elohim ET;-
    Within The Highest ‘One’, Fire and Work Covenanted, To Make the Creator of Creation, The First and Last.
    Basically, Y’AHAVAH (The Father/Spirit), Created ‘His’ Own Manifestation, YA’HAVAH (The Son/Life); The Pre-Incarnate Yeshua; (Elohim).
    And Then, YAH’AVAH (Heaven & Earth/Creation/The Daughter & Bride)
    (Brit’Chadashah, Ref;- Yochanan 1:1-14)
    The Power of Elohim is Love!
    Love, John

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