We’re back from Europe!

Sandi and I just returned from our nearly three weeks long trip to the British Isles, Ireland and Paris to celebrate our sixtieth birthdays. This was my first time in Europe in nearly forty years and Sandi’s first time (not counting our lay-over in Zurich en route to Israel in 2008). YHVH was with us. No sickness and safe travels. No pickpocketing. Unusually excellent weather, except for a couple of rainy days in Scotland, and even then it was beautiful with the clouds and mist over the Scottish Highlands.

We spent six days in London, then hopped onto a ship for a 12 day, 10 port cruise including cities in England, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland and France. We disembarked in France and traveled to Paris where we spend a couple of days. We then flew home via Iceland where we laid over for a couple of hours.

While on vacation, I kept my spiritual ears open reserving quiet times nearly every day to listen to YHVH and to study his word. I was blessed to receive some deep revelations on some new biblical topics, which I will be sharing in due time. Took many notes on my I-Pad.

Other than that, it was a time for Sandi and I to come back together after raising and homeschooling our four children, then starting and pastoring a congregation for 18 years, while, at the same time, running a business full-time. Now that we’re nearly empty nesters, we’re trying to spend more time with each other as we embark on our senior years, and our next ministry assignment and life adventure together.

I will be using some of my experiences from our travels accompanied by photos as a launch pad from which to write some blog articles, so stay tuned.

Here are a few photos of us on our travels.

Natan at the Royal Botanical (Kew) Gardens near London.
Sandi popping out of an iconic London phone booth.

Westminster Abbey in London.
Sandi taking photos inside the cathedral in Chester, England.
At the Blarney Castle in Ireland.
Dunrobin Castle in northern Scotland.
En route to Edinburgh, Scotland.
You all know where this is!
Natan at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Saw the Mona Lisa and a couple of other things too.

3 thoughts on “We’re back from Europe!

  1. Welcome back to America! Beautiful pictures…looking forward to your topics! Shalom and blessing to you all

  2. Thanks for sharing. Happy for you to have been able to enjoy that time traveling together. Welcome back. Shalom.

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