What to Pray For…

The eyes of YHVH are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. (Psalm 34:15)

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16)

If you have suggestions for additions to this prayer list, please post them in the comments section. Thank you for praying!

  1. Pray for President Trump…for protection and good health for him and his family, for wisdom, knowledge, discernment, self control, courage, strength to lead our nation in spite of the opposition against truth and righteousness.
  2. Pray for the spiritual and political opposition…that their eyes would be open to Truth that they might turn to Father and follow His ways.
  3. Pray for the general population… that Father would pour His conviction out upon all and that we would all turn to Him in confession of sin, repentance, and obedience to Elohim.
  4. Pray that the conservatives of America would have the courage and strength to stand up and be active to the goal of protecting our southern border.
  5. Pray for the people who have so far been unable or unwilling to understand the sanctity of life from conception, so that they would reverse their thinking and remove unrighteous laws from the books that allow the murder of innocent babies.
  6. Pray for the people who honestly NEED asylum in America…that they would be shown proper channels, so that our nation could be a help to those truly in need.
  7. Pray for those in charge of voter registration to accomplish a purge of illegal voters, so that our elections would be AMERICAN elections.
  8. Pray for victims of human trafficking…that they would be found and returned and that this practice would be stopped.
  9. Pray for the leaders of “the church” who are whitewashing the Truth and deceiving their congregants.
  10. Pray that our Father’s will be accomplished in all things and that Yeshua would come soon.
  11. Prayer for Israel/Jerusalem, the land and the people.
  12. Our military & law enforcement for safety, and for strength for them and their families  and especially for families of those lost in the line of duty.
  13. Those suffering with unseasonable cold weather conditions, especially the homeless and the poor.
  14. For those addicted…whether alcohol, drugs (prescription AND street), pornography.
  15. Continued courage for our President after a strong SOTU address..

Dr. Darlene writes,

There is such discord among believers.  There are SO many denominations, and honestly…it’s almost like there are now denominations within what has been labeled the Hebrew Roots movement.  There is strength and safety in numbers and we all need to come together!  In a sermon this morning (credit to BYI and Greg Hershberg) in the livestream we watch, the verses were brought up about what Father hates and despises (Prov 6:16–19), and the last one, about discord and those causing it was eye opening (Prov 6:19).  We’ve got to concentrate on what is important and…to steal some phrases…avoid paralysis of analysis, majoring in the minors, reading books INSTEAD OF The Word, and concentrate on a common purpose.  All the knowledge and the clamoring for it and the subsequent arguing over it are a terrible distraction.

To come together as a nation, we must first be together with Father, then together within our families, then together within our congregations, and THEN we can be together in our nation.  No wonder we’re so splintered in our fellowships and nation; the first two are not happening.


9 thoughts on “What to Pray For…

  1. Adding petitions for a friend Clara and the entire women’s gymnastics community as they test in Ontario.CA. Clara Seeks His Face. Daily She Prays Safety Success Because It Is All For His Glory.!!! Her ministry is to be a Light Unto Tye World For Yeshua in this community she is now participating in. His Shalom and Blessings on all participating in this blog.

  2. Praying that the spirit of the people of the earth, would be awakened, in order that we may all perceive with the eyes of the spirit and the ears of the spirit, what our Father is showing us and saying to us in these days, so that we may be His cup filled with His Holy Spirit, overflowing to those around us bringing them into right relationship through our Messiah Yeshua.

    Frank Seekins while speaking on the 10 Words, said, that if we do not have the first Word in place; to have no other gods before us, to love The LORD our GOD with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, then we cannot do/build upon the other words because our foundation is faulty. I pray we would return to our First Love.

    I ask that He would replace the ungodly leaders, rulers, and all who are involved in justice and upholding the rule of law from the towns to the captial of this nation, filling the positions with capable men and women who are GOD fearing people of truth-honest, who hate covetousness and refuse to take a bribe, so they may do what is right in our Heavenly Father’s eyes and the eyes of mankind. May our Father’s Name be exalted and praised by all who see what He is doing in these days, beginning with our country. In Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

  3. Sorry for writing comments re this post a little later than most. …re reading all the posts recently then this one again…I couldn’t agree more than with what Dr Darlene writes in the last paragraph..there is such discord among believers.. & so many denominations even in the Hebrew Roots movement.. agree with her last 4 sentences to her post wholeheartedly

    I think this is a fairly world wide thing ….Elohim has to change our hearts individually & within families & corporately as representatives of The Body Of Christ Yeshua on this Earth.

    • Amein.

      When I began pastoring some 20 years ago, my wife and I endeavored to be part of the solution by attempting to bring congregations together for feast celebrations, to come and hear outside speakers, for pastors to pray to together and so on. We tried to do this on a couple of different occasions. First we tried to build relationships with all the local Messianic congregations. Then we found out they were already at odds with each other. Some didn’t really believe in the Torah that much and all believed in the Jew-Gentile church paradigm. Because we taught Torah-obedience and believed and taught that we are all grafted in Israelites and no longer Gentiles, they didn’t really want to have much to do with us. So we moved on. After a while, there were about five congregations in our region who believed in and practiced Torah and believed in the restoration of the two houses of Israel. Ah ha! we thought. Now we can come together in unity and begin to work and pray together. Wrong again. The more we opened up our hearts and home, the more they fought against us, tried to compete with us, tried to sheep steal, even tried to destroy our congregation and attacked me personally and tried to destroy my ministry and reputation over hearsay, gossip and lies from offended people. It got real nasty! The stress and hurt of it all…so we merely quietly walked away to let them continue to fight among themselves. We just gave up on trying to help bring folks together. After that, I just focused on minding my own business by taking care of our congregation and ministry and simply ignored everyone else, while blessing them. I was also involved in leadership in the largest international organization of its kind to help bring the two sticks of Ezek 37 together into some kind of a working and fellowship relationship. It too eventually fell apart due to money, power, greed, strife, and human carnality. The leader of that organization ended up being a money-grubbing, thieving drunkard who, it came to be discovered was having a three year adulterous affair on his wife and nine children with one of the women in the congregation he pastored. He was one of the men who laid hands on me when I was ordained. Oy vey!!!

      Yeah! It’s a real mess out there because of human carnality. Don’t know how YHVH is going to put it all together, but his word says that he will, so I believe it.

      One of the purposes of this blog is to part of the solution by helping encourage people up to the higher standard of righteousness and holiness by dealing with the sin in their lives and coming into a deeper walk with Yeshua. It’s a small effort where more than a thousand lives are being touched daily. If each of us does something, maybe hearts can begin to be changed little by little. With man it’s impossible, but with Elohim all things are possible.

  4. I appreciate the prayers and comments of all and hope that these along with others who did not comment, are praying regularly to bless Father, petition Him regarding our greatest needs, and give Him the glory…Anytime anyone adds something here, I add it to my list…I hope others are doing the same so that we have a group of dedicated folks standing in the gap…

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