4 thoughts on “Ex-Abortion Doctor Tells the SHOCKING Truth About Abortion

  1. Precious in honesty. What an open testimony. May he know God’s forgiveness completely for repenting of this and testifying in actions the change of heart!

    Reality is the greatest leveler of peoples false thoughts. It is only truth that sets free. May lies be destroyed and liars be transformed and those who have believe the lie no longer trust in it to become victims in the trap Satan has planned for them. Praise God some were moved. No longer numb but feeling as the Life that God gave us becomes alive again when we acknowledge the eternal truth.

    • It’s shockingly sad, however, that I even have to share anything about abortive infanticide in the first place. It all goes to show that our “modern” society isn’t as enlightened and progressive as it thinks it is; it’s actually regressive. The fact that infanticide, called abortion, is still not only practiced but vociferously and passionately lauded by its practitioners and promoters also disproves the theory of evolution: we are devolving societally (culturally and morally), not evolving. It also proves, I think it is, the second law of thermodynamics——that in the universe things, if left to themselves untended, go from a state of order to disorder unless energy is injected into the system to keep it orderly. Modern humans have for the most part rejected the divine energy of the Set-Apart Spirit from YHVH Elohim, and now we’re descending into, chaos and confusion, yea, even nihilism and self-suicidal such as abortion.

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