Let’s clean up our language!

Exodus 23:13, Make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of your mouth. (See also Ps 16:4.) Not only is YHVH against the worship of pagan deities and wants their names to be destroyed (Deut 12:3), but he says that he will take from the lips of his people the names of pagan deities (Hos 2:17), and eventually, he will restore a pure language (presumably one that is free of pagan names) to his people (Zeph  3:9).

Obeying this Torah principle today is difficult, since so many common words such the days of the week and some of the months of the year are named for pagan deities making normal communication without using these names difficult.

Nevertheless, the redeemed righteous of YHVH will endeavor to be mindful of this command and speak as cleanly as possible.

Since this commandment immediately follows commands regarding the weekly Sabbath and the biblical feasts, which are times YHVH has commanded his people to assemble, this is a clear remez or hint that YHVH’s saints should guard against mentioning the names of pagan gods when they gather together to worship Elohim. To mention the names of pagan deities is a slap in the face of the one and only true Elohim!

If one trains ones mind and mouth to use the biblical  Hebrew names of “God,” then one will be fulfilling this command. Here is a list of the common English names for deity and their biblical Hebrew equivalents:

  • God = Elohim, El
  • LORD = YHVH, Yah
  • Lord = Adonai
  • Jesus = Yeshua
  • Christ = Mashiach (Messiah)

4 thoughts on “Let’s clean up our language!

  1. Reminds me of Shakespeare -would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? By our names are we known-this is deeper than we realize at times-I love His name. He Who was and is and is to come (the Eternal)=3 tenses=3 syllables =YE-HO-VAH! Everywhere I read verses like “I will show them my salvation” =its Yeshua. we need to be remindful of this! RE: reminded, redemption, restoration. Hallelu-YAH! Remember!

    • Sounds like you’ve gotten behind Nehemia’s wall. Powerful videos on the Hebrew grammar behind Yehovah. It totally blows the contra-agruments to kingdom come. Wish all could see this powerful and incontrovertible info.

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