The Corpse of Jacob Shows the Way to the Promised Land?

Genesis 50:11, Beyond the Jordan. Beyond is the Hebrew word eber meaning “across.” This was the roundabout way of reaching Machpelah.

The Jewish and Christian commentaries I have studied don’t give a good reason for Jacob’s burial entourage taking this most indirect route to the burial cave of the patriarchs.

It’s possible that Jacob was, out of faith in the promises of Elohim, prophetically tracing the steps his descendants would take several generations later in entering the Promised Land. It’s almost as if Jacob was showing the future generations of Israelites the route he wanted them to take from Egypt to the Promised Land to fulfill biblical types and shadows.


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  1. Mt Sinai is in Arabia because that’s where Midian is. (Gal. 4:25) Not on what we call the Sinai peninsula according to Helena Constantine’s mother.

    • Hi Carol

      agreed. There are so many “real” lies propagated by religions.

      Have you seen the History Channel documentary below and a lot of Ron Wyatt’s work followed up by others about Mt Sinaii?

      This shows another historically dodgy misnamed place of God “Temple Mount” is not the dome of the Rock. The dome of the rock is where the Antonia Fortress was & the modern Jews kiss a wall that was going to be entirely thrown down according to Jesus/Yeshua & the historians of the day record it as a complete demolition but that wall was mysteriously “rebuilt” in the imaginations of men (Rabbis) to create control and place for the Jews to agitate against the Muslim instead of facing the facts. God took their Temple away and is not bringing it back until OT prophecy comes forth.

      Shavua Tov

      • Excellent videos. Watched them both today. Well worth it, and I encourage everyone to watch them. Had seen the one on the real Mount Sinai before and have read Cornuke’s book. It was inspiring to review it again. Really strengthens one’s faith that the Bible is truly the inspired word of Elohim! Thank you FJ.

  2. Dear Natan and All
    The Truth that is the
    wind beneath our
    for without Truth there is actually no love………

    I find these things so uplifting and also shaking me deep in that we are getting closer to the end God determines, in that the more that was hidden is being revealed the more we become responsible in judgement as humanity.

    May we go from strength to strength in humility even as the world reviles us.

    Praise and Honour to the King and author of our Salvation Yeshua!
    His Word is Life to us now and for all ages to come.

    Love in Messiah

  3. As a family; a friend shared the video by Bob Cornuke on The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia a no of years ago…not St Catherines on the Sinai peninsula the touristy one.

    We were so stunned but again if you follow the breadcrumbs as Bob & friend Larry point out in the video;one will find the truth, in the Book Of Exodus Moses & the Israelites crossed the Red Sea to the land of Saudia Arabia to the” Mountain Of Fire”[ called Jabal Al Lawz by the Saudi’s] the proof is very compelling.

    on our video @ home it is a focus on the family one, there is the story of The Caldwell family i think it was husband..? can’t remember the husband’s name it is eluding me @ the moment & Penny Caldwell & children visited the Mount over a period of years; 8 times while their children were young.. that cemented great faith in their children as they saw evidence first hand that this was the real Mount Sinai…of the Bible.

    I must watch again as this article by Natan has spurred me to want to take another look @ the video

  4. Good on you Christine.

    Abba brings teaching across the path of those who are seeking to be taught.
    It is always a great thing to revisit and glean wisdoms and insights that others have come across through seeking. May the body be built in truth.

    I am from NSW. Hope the heat wave down there is manageable for you and your family. We have family in Melbourne that have not been called into this faith walk…. yet.

    Blessings of abundance from His Hand to yours.
    Love in Messiah

    • Thank You FJ

      yes weather has been very HOT….caused by Hot weather moving from Pilbara region in W.A. across to SA.VIC & other places..

      One place called Marble bar had a Temp of 48 degrees C on Thurs.Dec 27. We had Temp of 36.5 but inside the car it said it was 40 degrees C.
      Phew! hot & dry.

      Friday mid 30’s but cooler today ( reprieve for Sabbath) …some rain in early part of evening was refreshing.

      Qld. have had storms & severe flooding.

      Possibility of a monsoon ( forming) to hit on new Years day Dec 01 2019..Northern part ? Darwin…if it does happen I guess people will have to brace themselves for that.ABC online
      Shalom to all.

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