Live to eat or eat to live?

Genesis 27:4, Make me savory food. Sometimes when a person is of extreme age and is, to one degree or another, physically incapacitated from performing the functions of a normal life that produce pleasure and fulfillment, eating becomes the high point of their daily life because of the pleasure it brings.

Perhaps this was the case with Isaac.

As such, the simple act of the consumption of food can even overshadow even one’s spiritual walk.

An older person must guard against this and maintain their spiritual relationship with Elohim to the very end as best they can.


7 thoughts on “Live to eat or eat to live?

  1. I think it goes WAY beyond older people. Look at our teachers and congregants(people in general)…how overweight so many are. Food has become an entertainment and social event and is often overused…Donchathink?

    • Don’t disagree. The context here was older people. This can certainly apply to anyone, however, I have observed this to the case with some older folks especially.

  2. I am almost 53 years old and lost 30 lbs over a short period of time just from omitting sugars and starches and starchy vegies from my diet. Yes I will admit I have overeaten many times in my life…but I think obesity can be from too much consumption of the wrong foods not just gluttony/or being lazy…

  3. Certain tasty foods sound good even when it is not time to eat! Yes, for sure we need food, good healthy food and not lots of junk and fast food. I enjoy what I eat but not to the point it is a sin.

    NOW! I’ll say this for fat people, twenty years ago, I had surgery for a pituitary tumor, I had it fifteen years and did not know. No matter what I did, I could not loose. I was 5’1″ and 185lb at one point. Now I am five foot and 110lb. I told myself when I found out the reason that I would never judge people who are over weight.

    Just something to think about!

  4. Thank you for sharing this-it is note worthy! Years ago I was put on a steroid drug for RA and it caused me to gain a lot of weight. It wasn’t until I discovered the healthy and fat burning effects of coconut oil that I was able to lose 30 lbs. Not to turn this into a diet or weight loss forum-just want to share that He has given us the good things to eat, why right from the beginning we were told what NOT to eat but as fallen beings we have still been eating WHAT NOT! I love food and I love to cook and feed people, I’d feed the world if I could. I am amazed by food and I’ve seen pictures of foods that claim to be for specific organs (such as tomatoes=4 chambers as of the heart etc) Food is beautifully designed as are we, if only we hadn’t become addicted to certain comfort foods which are actually detrimental to us. Ever read the label on salt? It says dextrose, that’s sugar, now you know why when you eat something salty you want some sweet dessert afterwards! By the way, “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts.”

    • Ever notice how when one comes to a more Torah-centric orientation in their spiritual lives that one, by necessity, starts reading food labels, and, as a result, one’s diet starts to improve, and so does the health? All these things go hand-in-hand: We clean up our spiritual diet (i.e. stop feeding from the junk food of churchianity) and start feeding directly from the pure food of YHVH’s word and both our spiritual and physical health improve. A wonderful thing! The transforming power of YHVH’s Word.

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