A Psalm by a 20 Year-Old Man of Elohim

At our Sukkot celebration this year in Central Oregon, we had an exercise where I asked the people to go out into nature, to tune into their personal spirit and then to write a psalm of praise or worship to YHVH Elohim. This psalm came from the spirit of a 20 heart-old man of Elohim. Please enjoy…

O most High King,
Praise be to you. Father of fathers,
I proclaim your majesty,
I set it on high.
O father, look not away ashamed from your servant,
Father forgive I beg the sins whose company I have kept.
Only you can reach down and draw me from the bog of evil.
It is up to my neck;
It has nearly flooded my ears.
It threatens to choke me–
To line the inside of my stomach,
So that evil sinks within me.
I call out to you Father,
Do not leave me alone in the dark,
But blow the trumpet,
That the walls of my heart will shake and fall down.
Surely Elohim, your glory and majesty are known to your creation!
Day and night they proclaim it,
And you delight in it, Father.
I pray, may we be like the eagle
Whose wings are lifted by the Ruach.
May we be like the fish
Whose scales shine in the suns light
As they jump up against the rush of the world.
Honor and glory alone are yours;
I keep none of it,
For I am too lowly even to touch the hem of your garment.
Oh most High King, Father of fathers, hear my prayer.
Adorn me with jewels, and make me acceptable in your sight.
I praise you father, for I have tried to hide from your loving gaze,
Yet, it pierces through my veil,
You see me, and only you know my heart.
It is wicked, it is stained with the paint of sin.
But YHVH is good, despite my efforts,
He has not let his servant slip through the cracks of his strong right hand. Praise Adonai, the most Kadosh one. Amen.
A Psalm by Kaleb Pace (20 years old)
Note from Natan: I have been a spiritual mentor and father to Kaleb since he was two or three years old. He is like a son to me, an employee of mine and a precious friend. It blesses me greatly to see this young righteous man pick up both the yoke and mantle of Yeshua and his Torah-Word and to be an up and coming torch-bearing next-generation leader for Yeshua. Way to go Kaleb!

5 thoughts on “A Psalm by a 20 Year-Old Man of Elohim

  1. HalleluYAH to our King! Praise be to YAH Who brings forth Life in this new Generation. David and the Psalms has always been a favorite of mine.

    I have written psalms and poems for years as I follow Y’shua. It is a good thing indeed! This is the generation that will rise up in the last days, I believe, I encourage my grandchildren of that!

    A sure purpose for him! YAH Bless!

  2. Wow, what a heart-felt cry! Would that all our young people would be like Kaleb! Thank him for sharing this edifying psalm. stay blessed Kaleb!

    • I will tell him. He works for me and so I see him nearly every day. While I’m teaching him the tree service trade, I’m at the same time mentoring him spiritually. We often stop during the day and have biblical discussions. A wonderful work environment—a very Hebraic working/discipleship situation. Such a blessing!

  3. A truly selfless cry to our Creator! I don’t of know many with such a heart. Yah bless you both in what is a very fruitful relationship!

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