Do Not Add or Subtract to or From the Word of Elohim

Deuteronomy 4:2, You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor shall you subtract/diminish from it. YHVH warns his people against adding or subtracting from his written Word elsewhere as well (Deut 12:32; Rev 22:18–19).

Men seem inclined to ignore YHVH’s command in this regard. Whole religions have been founded based on disregarding this prohibition. Some claim to be Bible-based (e.g. Mormonism with their Book of Mormon and rabbinic Judaism with its Talmud), and some have supplanted the entire Bible with their own book (Islam with its Quran).

Who is the author of and real power behind adding to and subtracting from or twisting YHVH’s Word? It is Satan the serpent. (See Gen 3:1ff and Matt 4:3ff.) Make no mistake, adding or subtracting from the Word of Elohim is to fall for the lie that the devil told the first humans at the tree of knowledge.

What did Yeshua warn the religionists of his day against in this regard? He said, “Thus have you made the commandment of Elohim of none effect by your tradition” (Matt 15:6) and, “Howbeit in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” (Mark 7:7).

What are some examples of traditions and theologies in the modern-day Christian and Jewish religions where YHVH’s Word has been superseded by man’s traditions? What are some traditions and doctrines of men you have turned away from in order to bring yourself into greater alignment with YHVH’s Word? How is your life better for it? What has been the reaction of those around you in response to your aligning your life more closely with the truth of YHVH?


2 thoughts on “Do Not Add or Subtract to or From the Word of Elohim

  1. :Come out of her MY people! How ignorant we were when we were keeping the holidays and not the holy days…and now that we realized the “lies we inherited from our fathers” and got the Truth from our Father and started celebrating His feasts, people thought we were crazy! and we are! “Crazy” about learning the entire plan of salvation from the redemption to the restoration contained in the Feasts of YHVH! talk about “Instructions in righteousness!” Love it, love it, love it! I just wish there were like-minded people in our area but looking forward to being with Him and them, then!

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