Shabbat—A Day to Seek Elohim

Numbers 28:9, On the Sabbath day. Every Sabbath YHVH required double sacrifices to be offered. This being a foundational principle, shouldn’t we spend more time seeking him on Shabbat? What types of activities should fill our Sabbath time that are of a devotional, worshipful nature?

Shouldn’t all of our Sabbath-day activities somehow point to YHVH, and in some way strengthen our walk with and ties to our Creator, and our ties to others who are of the household of faith?

Let’s not forget an important truth: Keeping Torah is not about bondage (to a legalistic set of dos and don’ts); it’s a vehicle to promote bonding (building loving relationship between man and his Creator, between man and his fellow man).


5 thoughts on “Shabbat—A Day to Seek Elohim

  1. Hi Natan
    Yes glad you brought this up. What should we do on Shabbat if your too far from a Congregation and you only have yourself to fellowship with? My routine is I read the Parashah for that Shabbat and then I read some inspirational messages from Hoshana Rabbah emails and then go to 119 Ministries to watch some inspirational teachings and then I read faith based books I have laying around and take a nap and nibble on things I have . Can you make any more suggestions for me ?I always love your messages and blog. I try to keep uncontaminated by worldly stuff… Shabbat Shalom

  2. Natan …the last few lines …so important. I find Shabbat ( Sabbath) goes so fast.
    The preparation day I work 6 hrs of the day then home to do my few chores the house is reasonable & clean. I detest having to do much on the sabbath …except rest my body & focus on Yashua etc… Study , read the word… Catch up on reading the posts on this blog but usually I do this on a daily basis.

    I think To have that close relationship with Elohim .of course the only way to the Father; Elohim is thru his son YAHSHUA …so I really like to praise & worship…& focus on who he is …& it’s so nice when the evening is here.. ( dark by 5pm it is our winter : a wet & cold one. ) & meals are over & dishwasher on…& time to enter in & relax & we need to feel his presence with us in the form of the RUACH spend that time of thanking him for what he has done for us enjoy spending Shabbat with him.
    Shalom. ! ….

    • Hoping more and more people will realise His truth that upside downs the lies. Purpose for us, is given in the community bonding of His truth and starts and ends with the Eternal definition of Truth…. which His Love grows us into us, by grace.. Haleluyah!! FJ

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