Religious Labels: To Use or Not to Use? That Is the Question

Labels, names, monikers, titles and the like—what’s it all really mean? Nothing and everything.

What does Elohim think of our churches, denominations, and the titles and labels we put on our religious boxes? Who knows, but I’m guessing not much. He’s playing a much bigger game than his children most of whom are playing church in their little denominational sandboxes. After all, he and/or she (see Gen 1:27; 5:2) is the Creator of the universe and is quite above all of man’s puerile nonsense. Elohim isn’t for or against anyone. He’s not one one side or the other, for one denomination or another, for one political party or another, for one —ism or another. Elohim is Elohim and has a bigger “game” to play! He’s not a sectarian, and doesn’t play the us versus them sophomoric game. Elohim is on his/her own side—the side of Truth! Elohim is for anyone or anything that is on his side and against anyone who is against him.

Remember when Joshua encountered a Man near Jericho who identified himself as the Commander of the Army of YHVH in Joshua 5:13–15? What was the Man’s response when Joshua asked whose side he was on: Israel or her enemies? Did he fall into Joshua’s categorical labeled boxes, his denominational delineations, where it’s us versus them? Hardly! The answer of the Man of Elohim was  quite curious. A one word answer. “NO.” I take that to mean that Elohim refused to fall into men’s cultural and religious demarcations. He’s Elohim and he’s on his own side. If we do what he tells us, he’ll be on our side too. If not, then the Scriptures clearly tells us that he’ll set his face against us. Not a good thing!

To take it one step further, with whose religious denomination did Yeshua identify? Pharisee, Sadducee,  Essene or what? The Gospels record that he came out in favor and disfavor of the first two sects on several occasions. A study of the Qumran scrolls that he taught some of Essenes’ teachings and definitely was against others. No. Yeshua was his own man, and he was not tied to any sect. He was tied to heaven—the the Truth of the Word of Elohim. Period.

Now to rock someone’s boat even more, and to prove how little I care about religious titles, names and labels, even as YHVH does, let me make this declaration:

  • I am Baptist in that I agree with them in full water baptism.
  • I am Pentecostal in that I believe in the gift of tongues and in what happened on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2—plus I celebrate Pentecost.
  • I am Seventh Day Adventist in that I keep the seventh day Shabbat and believe in the second advent or coming of Yeshua the Messiah.
  • I am Protestant in that I protest against all the evils of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • I am Catholic in that I believe in the universality of the spiritual body of Yeshua.
  • I am Christian in that I believe in Jesus Christ, whose real name I acknowledge as Yeshua haMaschiah.
  • I am sacred names in that I use the Hebraic names for deity.
  • I am Christian orthodox in that I believe in the right or straight way of the Bible.
  • I am Jewish in that I follow the Torah as best I can and in the Tanakh or Old Testament.
  • I am Presbyterian in that I believe in church leadership.
  • I am Charismatic in that I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh.
  • I am Messianic in that I believe in the Yeshua, the Maschiach of Israel.
  • I am Hebrew Roots in that I believe in the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.
  • I am Shaker and Quaker in that when I come into the presence of YHVH Elohim, I always shake and quake in my spirit and sometimes in my body.
  • I am Apostolic in that I believe in the ministry of the apostle.
  • I am Latter Day Saint because I am a latter day saint who follows Yeshua the Messiah and his Torah and this is how the Bible defines the end time saints in Rev 12:17 and 14:12.
  • I am Assemblies of God in that I believe that the church belongs to Elohim.
  • I am Foursquare because I believe that the New Jerusalem is a cube.
  • I am Calvary Chapel because I believe that Yeshua died at Calvary, the Greek name for Golgotha.

And I could go on.


7 thoughts on “Religious Labels: To Use or Not to Use? That Is the Question

  1. When I get asked what denomination I am, I say a bible follower. I say I believe what the bible teaches & try to understand and follow what God wants me to do with the life He gave me.

    This is great & to the point of how we allow division to divide us….not a Godly trait at all. No confusion in being echad and eating the whole roll that God put on the menu with nothing added or subtracted. Wholesome food is Holy Food. Shalom to All. FJ

  2. Natan …U sure do have a sense of humour…..denominations..labels..etc WOW! what a list….All I can say is I just want to Follow YASHUA .AND END UP IN THE FATHER’S ETERNAL HOME (HOUSE) THE NEW JERUSALEM….NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH
    ….I’m reminded of the verse Where is the house you will build for me etc….ISAIAH 66:1.

    • Excellent points. It seems that the older I get, I’m beginning to see things more from a different vantage point. I’ve had involvements or brushed up against so many churches, ministries and man-made religious systems over my lifetime and I see the good, the bad and the ugly in it all, but especially the human pride and the exaltation of flesh and the mind, which is a form of idolatry, which results in the diminution of Elohim. I almost can’t take it any more because it takes away from the simplicity of the gospel message and how the biblical ecclesia did things. In an effort to make sense of it all, I’ve tried to step back and view it from the larger perspective—hopefully closer to that of Elohim’s, with out succumbing to the tendency to water down the truth resulting in ecumenism; i.e., that all paths lead to Elohim. People who have become so conditioned to thinking of church in terms man-made systems will have a hard time with me, but I don’t care. There’s a higher level, and that’s what I’m aiming for. A house…I like that. You can’t get more biblical than that!

  3. Amein Natan!….I agree with you totally.We have to stand firm when we know the Truth & keep proclaiming it as best we can, even though there is opposition @ times.

    Elohim’s Eternal Truths will always stand the test of time.being Bereans… & coming out from among the False Church System,albeit denominations…that are quiet tainted.( some-most very tainted.) ..even though years ago I myself would never have seen the full extent of the Apostacy? the correct word …Elohim has opened my eyes thru the many experiences My family & I have walked thru and what he has shown us along the way & how he is leading us… it is a much more narrow path.than what even we as a family would have expected..Praise Yah for his goodness

    The truth of his word & studying it for ourselves diligently with all our hearts in sincerity of truth ; we cannot go wrong. as his Ruach leads us..that is why we so appreciate your diligence & teachings that has helped us thru & following up study/ reading this Hoshanah Rabah Blog & postings which are excellent….I have learnt so much from you Natan..You are one of the Good Faithful Servants of Elohim…that is what we strive to be A Faithful servant & LIGHT TO OTHERS IN THIS VERY DARK HOUR BEFORE MESSIAH’S RETURN TO SET THINGS STRAIGHT.

    Natan; you certainly have the gift of teaching & because of your years of experiences/learning curves.etc..we have all been blessed & he is still taking us thru the Boot camp of the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

    Natan you display the years of spiritual maturity ( and the fruit) which we must all attain to ..we certainly need good mentors along the way…being discipled & growing up from milk to meat of the Word.. Like the Fathers in the Faith . we need good sound” on fire” Spiritually mature fathers. ..& could I say mothers of the faith. all working together to bring Glory to Elohim.That we would be his disciples in this end time hour.

    May I add- it is wonderful & uplifting to be able to comment ( share thoughts )in this section & feel confident to do so as long as we all treat one another with respect etc..we learn from other peoples excellent comments, understanding insight & wisdom..we r all still
    learning & growing together …like minded..not being unequally yoked. I better stop here before this becomes too long but the thoughts just flowed as I typed.
    Blessings to all .
    From CC & FAMILY.

    • Wow! Thank you for your encouraging words. This and the grace of Yah along with my love for Yeshua and his Word is what has fueled me to go on tirelessly for all these years. To YHVH be the praise and glory.

      Our Father in heaven must be very pleased with his children like you who have a heart to study his word and to love and obey him faithfully.

      Also, it is intensely encouraging to us all to know that we are not alone in our faith walk, but that there are others like us out there, though it be only a remnant. Keep on trekking onward and upward by his strength and for his glory…!

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