A Second Chance?

1 Peter 4:6, Who are dead. (See also Rom 2:12–16; 1 Cor 5:5; Heb 12:23.) This verse seems to indicate that certain categories of dead and unsaved humans will stand before YHVH’s judgment seat (the white throne judgment of Rev 20:11–15), and will be accepted into his eternal kingdom at some basic level.

Perhaps if their hearts showed a willing disposition toward YHVH while they lived, but they didn’t go all the way in choosing him for one reason or another, they will be rewarded for the good that they did in their lifetime and will be given an opportunity to accept Yeshua on judgment day. Perhaps these are the ones Yeshua declared would be least in his kingdom (Matt 5:19).

Was Paul making reference to this in Romans 2:12–16 when he talks about those Gentiles who sinned without the law, and who will be judged based on whether they lived up to the basic law of Elohim written in their consciences?

Will these people, who lived according to the basic tenets of the Torah (e.g. not stealing, lying, committing adultery, murdering, coveting, honoring parents, and, in their own way, and adhered to a concept of a Supreme Being before whom they walked in fear without worshiping idols) be given an opportunity on judgment day to make their faith complete by accepting Yeshua’s sacrifice for their sins?

Perhaps this explanation would help us to understand Hebrews 12:23, which speaks of the spirits of just men made perfect, as well as the salvation of the thief on the cross.


7 thoughts on “A Second Chance?

  1. Well, I haven’t thought much about this but the first thing that comes to my mind: is it through works or just through grace? Is it a Divine election or a human descision? I honestly want to know.

    • All of the above working together.

      It’s about heaven and earth meeting in the heart and mind of the individual to bring a child into the kingdom and family of YHVH Elohim. Divine will + grace + human freewill seeking to love and obey Elohim + Yeshua’s righteousness + the righteous deeds of the saints. It all works together. I can give many Scriptures to prove the point.

      The problems is that men take their little point and shoot cameras and take a snap shot of some aspect of who they think Elohim is, then put a frame around it and nail it to the wall, and then worship it. They defend their snap shot and shoot and kill anyone who disagrees with their myopia. In effect, they’re making Elohim into their own image. This is idolatry. This demeans Elohim; he and his word is bigger than that. Men need to wrap their brains around this, instead of relying on and being informed by manmade traditions. Read the Bible. Read it again and again and let it speak for itself. We need to base our understandings on that——NOT on all the ideas we’ve been taught and brainwashed into believing that have men’s labels on them. Elohim won’t fit into our boxes.

      Personally, I don’t know anything about Elohim. I, too, only see glimpses, but I’m endeavoring to get the bigger picture. My observations that I share in written form are but childish attempts to understand that which is light years beyond our understanding.


  2. As for 1 Peter 4.6 I would say that the dead were not given a second chance, they are the ones who died before the Good News were proclaimed, so it was their first chance to listen to the Good News of salvation in Yeshua. The verb is in pass tense, so it won’t include the dead who had the chance to listen to the Gospel when living on this earth. It is my understanding please let me know if I am misunderstanding the idea. Shalom

  3. I’m very open to and even tending to agree with you on these ideas. He is a just judge who DELIGHTS IN, who LOVES mercy. It may be that the most just and merciful judgement can only be made after the Deceiver has been taken out of the way and people have the best opportunity to know and agree with the Truth without the influence of the Father of Lies being able to be at work.

    2Th.2:1-12 may speak to this some, distinguishing that it is those who did not accept or receive a love of and believe in the truth and DELIGHTED IN WICKEDNESS.

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