“And now we will pass the offering plate…” Huh?!?

Exodus 25:2, That they may bring me an offering. Interestingly, this is the only place in the Scriptures where an offering was taken of YHVH’s people to support the work of the ministry. In one other place in the Bible, a collection was taken, but what was its purpose and who was it for? (See 1 Cor 16:1–3 and Acts 11:27–30.)

This is not to say that the saints should not give of their substance to help support their spiritual leaders. What did Paul teach about the saints supporting the work of the ministry—especially those who are spiritually feed them? (Read 1 Cor 9:1–18; 1 Tim 5:17–18; Gal 6:6–9.)

The main point we wish to make here is that the taking of offerings or the passing of the plate isn’t a biblical norm. People were expected to give, but of their own freewill and without pressure or coercion from their spiritual leaders.

What did Yeshua say about giving? (Note Acts 20:35; Luke 6:38.) What did Paul say to those who do not share their substance with (or sow sparingly to) those who teach them? (Look at 2 Cor 9:6.)

What should be our heart attitude when giving to the ministry of Elohim? (See 2 Cor 9:7.)

What are the blessings from Elohim that one can expect from giving cheerfully? (Read 2 Cor 9:8–11.)


2 thoughts on ““And now we will pass the offering plate…” Huh?!?

  1. Yes Natan, His Ways are above our ways. Shalom & thankyou for the reply to Hawaii, I wasn’t fishing for encouragement but Yah provides. FJ

  2. The earth is His, the silver and the gold…are we His? We can’t afford NOT to tithe, to offer, to give-it’s all His, we get to keep 90%?! We are breathing His air, hey (Yod Hey Vov Hey!)

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