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  1. Wow! He is of course, so right- the Word of God is alive and will speak to you (because the Word is The Spokesman) and it never changes but we do and it will speak to you to where you are in life though you may have read a certain scripture 100 x over, it now relates to you in your present circumstance and I wonder how many people have experienced this, Him, in their lives…when I was undergoing chemo I was reading the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal…and when I got to the part where YHVH burns up the altar, sacrifice and even licks up every drop of water, I said “that is my cancer and YHVH is going to consume it all away!” and He did! All glory to God. We must stay in the Word because “it is written.” I see this as love letters, thousands of years old,written to me, for me, before I was ever even a thought…now that is provision (pro-vision) When a woman is pregnant, friends and family may through her a baby shower, showering her with provision for the child not yet born, along with cards expressing beautiful sentiments, well wishes etc..YHVH made provision for his children by creating the earth (nursery) and providing for us along with His word (s) Hallelu-YAH!

  2. HalleluYah! Thank you very much for sharing this video. Our Elohim is great and awesome! Shabbat shalom!

  3. This story reminds me of the teaching in Luke 19: 12-17 of the servants that were entrusted with the talents and the master saying Well done righteous servant You have shown to be trustworthy over few now I will give you authority over many. Because Jeff Foxworthy is in a position to make a great impact given his celebrity status.

    • Agreed. The Bible enjoins us to grow, bloom and produce fruit where we are planted. The more that has been given to us, and the more we have to work with, the more will be expected of us and the greater will be our reward. Everyone can do something to help advance the kingdom of Elohim no matter how small or great or ability and opportunity. There is no excuse for inactivity. This is the message of the Parable of the Talents.

      • True Natan

        but sometimes he calls us out of where we were planted because it is not His desire and we have to become ‘Ruths’ and turn from Babylon and trust Him to have a place prepared for us to produce fruit.

        I have struggled greatly with the plain response of Yeshua.
        Who is my mother, my brother, my sister? or …even my husband?
        It is those who do the will of my Father. Peaceful households produce prayers that strife and indifference change the focus of hearts desires for self preservation.

        For many years I have tried to be faithful to the 5th commandment that has a blessing attached in the natural realm. Being abused, battered verbally, ignored and disdained. NOT realising the deeper spiritual reality of loving God more than father or mother can actually mean separating from those who in actuality are not whom they appear to be when you carefully consider the Spiritual truth Yeshua taught.

        I have found myself ensnared and trapped by those whose relationship to me is not sacred, simply because their minds are controlled by Satan, all the while having a hope for salvation for them. Discernment is not for the feint hearted. It takes guts to separate from this kind of intimate wrongdoing to actually know the truth about your relatives and their master at work against your walk.

        Sometimes to use our talents we have to stop giving them to the dogs….or we don’t produce fruit fit for the Kingdom.

        God knows whose hearts are hardened too.

        Love in Messiah
        Hoping I will find brother and sister and mother someday. Meanwhile I cry into his bosom my aloneness. trusting. FJ

  4. Praise Yah! The Ruach doesn’t give up without hot, enduring pursuit! Glad He doesn’t give up on me.

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