Don’t Let the World Draw You In!

Genesis 34:9, Make marriages with us. After the Dinah and Shechem incident, the local Canaanites wanted to intermarry with Jacob’s children and steal their inheritance (Gen 34:23). This is the plea and lure of the world to pollute and desecrate YHVH’s set-apart people.

The world isn’t content to live and let live—to leave the saints alone. It wants to pull them down to their low spiritual level. Jacob and his sons, however, remained firm and refused to assimilate with the Canaanites.

Had Jacob succumbed to the alluring offers of the devil, he would have lost his spiritual standing with Elohim as well as his future, promised and covenantal inheritance.

The devil offered Jacob the small reward of temporary peace and prosperity by making assimilating alliances with the heathens in exchange for Jacob’s birthright. Esau made this mistake years earlier, and Jacob knew better than to fall for the enemy’s lies.

The devil tempted Yeshua in the same way after forty day fast. Satan promised fame, glory and prosperity now if Yeshua would submit to him. To do so, Yeshua would have forfeited his future glory.

We too must follow the example of Jacob and Yeshua and resist the enemy’s overtures. Instead, we must aggressively fight off the enemy who wants to steal and destroy our inheritance and kill us in the process. No good can come from intermarrying literally or spiritually with the heathen!


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  1. Great. Thanks for the exortation and reminder. Nathan, what is “given in marriage” in the Noah episode. Did that have to do with the ‘marrying of different species’ and the Nephillim?

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