3 thoughts on “New Video: Hey You! Slow Down, Stop…Look Up—Wow!!

  1. The end of a big day …the weary find rest for their souls ..and renewed by the spirit of Elohim.The earth is Elohim’s & the fullness there of.
    The scenery was relaxing especially as you advised Natan…big screen & lights dimmed. hmm..that water watching the moving of the current….reminds me that all creation has a rhythm to it that Elohim put there when he spoke creation into being.
    Yes The Heavens declare the Glory of Elohim.
    thank you for posting this…it was much needed…now to sleep I go …zzzz.

  2. Ahhhhh…no words! With all the craziness happening around us, Yah’s unspoiled creation and word is a refuge. Thank you for sharing!

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