Is Yeshua “the only begotten” or “the one of kind, unique” Son of Elohim?

John 1:14, Only begotten [Gr. monogenes]. The Greek word monogenes means “unique, one of a kind” and not “only begotten” as is commonly translated in most of our English Bibles. The NIV and ESV translations more correctly substitutes the phrase “only begotten” found in this verse and in John 3:16 (along with John 1:18 and 1 John 4:9) with the word only.

Why is this latter translation a better though not a perfect one? This is because Greek scholars originally thought that monogenes was derived from two Greek words: mono (only) and genao (to beget, to bear). Greek scholars have now discovered that monogenes actually derives not from genao, but from genos meaning “one of a kind or class” and therefore means “unique, the one and only, the one and only of a family” (The Unseen Realm, pp. 36–37, by Michael S. Heiser; see also The Complete Word Dictionary pp. 995–996, by Spiros Zodhiates).

Clearly the Bible teaches that YHVH has other sons (e.g. the divine sons of Elohim or beney Elohim [e.g. see Gen 6:2, 4; Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7]), so Yeshua is not literally the only begotten son of Elohim according to Scripture. But he is the unique Son of Elohim of which there is no other like him. He is without peer and in a class of his own, and as Elohim (John 1:1), he is above and superior to all the other sons of Elohim.

So give him the praise, glory, honor and worship he is due!


2 thoughts on “Is Yeshua “the only begotten” or “the one of kind, unique” Son of Elohim?

  1. Nice one Nathan! Can you tell me if a simular type of word is used in Hebrew when it sais, “Israel you are my first born son” I have heard that this refers to a context that actually means “Israel you are my first born son (‘of other peers’) Have you ever heard of the ‘of other peers’ part before, that Israel will have peers in the family of nations i.e (saved nations).

  2. Agree! Unique Son (Rev. 5:1-) G-D’s Only begotten Son, in fulfilling the role layed out in scriptures, as man’s redeemer, the spoken and written word manifested, as Yeshua stated I come in the volume of the book to do my fathers will. Thanks.

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