Nadab and Abihu—A Prophetic Picture of Divine Judgment Coming!

Leviticus 10:1–7, Nadab and Abihu…profane fire. Nadab and Abihu were executed by the fire of YHVH for not following his commandments. This disobedience was induced by the consumption of alcohol, which impaired their ability to follow YHVH’s protocols for the tabernacle service (Lev 10:9).

Likewise, at the end of the Messianic Age (Millennium) unrepentant sinners will be executed by the fire of YHVH in the lake of fire (Rev 20:15) because they have been made drunk by the false religious teachings of the whore system of religious spiritual Babylon and Satan (Rev 18:3–4).

We are now living in an age where, thankfully, most of our sinful actions are not met with instant divine judgment (the case of Ananias and Sapphira in the Book of Acts would be a notable exception).

Does knowing that YHVH will not instantly “zap” us with the proverbial lightning bolt from heaven when we sin cause us to become lax and even calloused toward sin in our lives? Do we truly walk in the fear of YHVH? Do we fear the consequences of sin even though the results may not be immediate? How loose is your spiritual walk? How many hidden sins that no one knows about do you have that you are failing to deal with? The path of righteousness is becoming narrower and ­narrower.

Moreover, there are levels of rewards in Yeshua’s kingdom. Not everyone will be “the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Some will be the least, and many will not even be there at all (Matt 5:19 cp. 1 Pet 4:18).

Remember that the tares that were mixed in with the wheat were culled out and burned (Matt 13:24–30). This is a picture of true versus false converts coexisting in the spiritual body of Yeshua or the church to the very end!


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    That in every blog you have,you always insert in them “end-times” prophecies,which
    I am personally interested.
    YEHOVAH blesses you with more wisdom,new revelations & insights about end-times prophecies that can be used as evangelistic tool to win more souls for YESHUA.

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