2 thoughts on “Preparing Your Heart for Passover

  1. Shalom. May I ask a question? Do Messianic Jews believe in the Rapture of the Saints as the bible states? I am Sephardic and would like to know before attending a Messianic congregation.

    • Don’t know and don’t care what people of this or that ethnic group believe. It’s all irrelevant. What does the Bible teach? That’s the question we all need to be asking. The word rapture simply means resurrection. The Bible teaches a resurrection of the saints at the second coming of Yeshua. The question that causes division is this: when does it occur? According to Matthew 24, it occurs after the great tribulation when Yeshua comes during at the last trumpet during the time of his wrath. I have articles on this on my website at hoshanarabbah.org. Blessings.

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