Happy Biblical New Year 2017!

Rosh chodesh (the new moon as spotted from
Wilsonville, Oregon on March 29, 2017—photo taken by Natan Lawrence

Lashana Tova! (Happy New Year!)—Pura vida! as they say in Costa Rica. The new moon was spotted in Israel—and in Oregon.

Rain, rain, and more rain! This has been the norm in western Oregon for weeks and months now. Record rain! It was crazy rain yesterday afternoon, but then late in the afternoon, the clouds miraculously parted and fled away leaving behind a cloudless, cerulean blue sky. We spotted a most gorgeous new moon from our house—the harbinger of spring announcing the beginning of YHVH’s annual festival cycle. HalleluYah! I sounded my shofar and snapped the photo you see above.

Passover occurs in 14 days (Wed., April 12) followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread (April 13–19). Time to begin deleavining your house and life. Yeshua is coming again. The bride has to get ready. Do you want to be his bride? These are your marching orders…


3 thoughts on “Happy Biblical New Year 2017!

  1. Question for you. Since we know Passover and more specifically the first day of Unleavened Bread are always during a full moon, can we use the full moon as a help to know when the Holy Day is? The full moon by the way is on April 11.
    Thanks, Steve

  2. Happy biblical New Year Natan,

    I’ve been searching for brothers who identify with the 3/29/17 date in Jerusalem. Thanks for publishing your biblical youtube videos.

    Swarthmkore. PA

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