Who and NOT What is the Word of Elohim?

Genesis 15:1, The Word of YHVH came. Yeshua the Messiah is the Word of Elohim and is Elohim’s spokesman or intermediary with men (John 1:1–14). This is the Bible’s first usage of this phrase.

Subsequently, the phrase “Word of YHVH” is found some 242 times in the Tanakh. Many of these times relate to the biblical prophets receiving prophetic revelation from the “Word of YHVH,” which was the preincarnate Yeshua. How these prophets received their revelation from the Word of YHVH isn’t always clear.

In the case of Abram in this passage, he received the word through a vision. In most cases, Scripture simply records that “the Word of Elohim came” to such and such a prophet. Whether it came through dreams, visions, audible voice, or direct visitation, the Scriptures usually don’t say.

Nowadays, in prophetic circles within the church, seldom do people speak authoritatively and announce that “the Word of YHVH came to me and here is what I was told….” Instead, phrases such as “I have a word from God for you,” or “God told me to tell you this” are used. This is not how it was done by the legitimate prophets of the Bible. They actually received direct revelation from the preincarnate Yeshua and who spoke dogmatically and authoritatively as such.


5 thoughts on “Who and NOT What is the Word of Elohim?

  1. Just got done reading “The Unseen Realm” by Dr. Michael Heiser. This was one of many topics discussed in that book as well as the Name of Yahweh having physical attributes as well. Very interesting stuff!

  2. I agree. It’s wonderful to know! I appreciate how you continually focus on Yeshua as the Living Torah. Many teachers have parked our Messiah on a shelf for “higher knowledge.” The Truth, Torah is Yahushua Himself. There is still so much I don’t understand and have to learn. But I know that as we are willing to keep on walking and following Messiah He will teach us and open our understanding to the Scriptures. So many are discrediting Him as Messiah, it’s shocking. We have to stay humble and focused on Him alone in Truth and not to be deceived by the lies of the enemy. Shalom and much love in Messiah!

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