Are You a Shepherdless Sheep?

Lone Sheep

Deuteronomy 31:23, He gave Joshua the son of Nun a charge. YHVH is the author of godly leadership. He prepares and trains leaders and then raises them up to lead his people in the paths of righteousness leading to the spiritual Promised Land. Beware of leaders who raise themselves up and promote themselves.

What is the purpose of righteous leadership? (See Eph 4:11–12.) What are the qualifications for leadership ? (See 1 Tim 3:1–13.) What is the premise of true, Spirit-ordained leadership? (See Matt 23:11.)

Many believers have been hurt by kingdom-building, money-grubbing and self-seeking leaders in the church world and now trust no one. They pride themselves on being “independent.” Is this good?

Did Yeshua ever speak of his sheep as being “lone rangers” or did he refer to them as “a flock?” Does he ever speak of his flock as being shepherdless? Of course, Yeshua is the Chief Shepherd, but does he speaks of undershepherds as well? (Read John 10:1–18.) Is a flock that is under the guidance of a servant shepherd a place of safety or harm? Is being outside the flock a place of safety or harm? (See Matt 18:12.)

Yeshua says that those who are outside are “lost” and have “gone astray” and are in danger of perishing (Matt 18:11–14).

Are you part of a literal flock of believers, or have you spiritualized this passage away to justify your independent (rebellious?) spirit against YHVH-ordained authority?


7 thoughts on “Are You a Shepherdless Sheep?

  1. Good comments Natan….I first looked @ the heading Are you a Shepherdess sheep?
    & the picture The wooly kind.?? ..Lone Ranger, all by themselves,! Lone sheep in the green paddock, every picture tells a story.

    I realised a Shepherdess would be female – genre. Shepherd – male. Genre.
    But further reading I think u meant shepherd less.

    • Sometimes it’s hard not to be especially when you’ve been burned before. We go through seasons. Sometimes, Yah calls us into the wilderness alone for a time to heal and to grounded in him. This, however, isn’t a permanent place. He will lead us back to the body of believers. The family of Elohim is a family.

      • Yes, there is a great need for a gathering of “Hebrew roots” believers in my area. I have listed myself as a home fellowship on some messianic/hebrew roots sites, and have one lady that has joined so far.

  2. I just moved from Augusta,Ga to Windhoek, Namibia and we have went to couple of home fellowships! I feel right now Abba has put us in the Wilderness for a time of deeper studying and training! The Heart of Torah is loving Yah and His people!

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