SHAVUOT — Getting in Tune With the Heavenly Philharmonic

Orchestra conductor hands

This is a story — not just any story, but our story — yours and mine. It’s the story of our lives, the  story of our people. It’s an old story, yet a new story. Only the faces and places have changed. The plot remains eternally the same. It’s the story of the Creator reaching out to humans, who struggle to accept his love, yet who end up largely refusing it. It’s a never-ending cycle going from one generation to the next.

This story started a long time ago. When in Egypt, the children of Israel were in tune spiritually to the rhythms and beat of Egypt (a biblical metaphor for this world).

YHVH led the Israelites out of Egypt into the quietude of the wilderness. The Hebrew word for wilderness is midbar and is from dabar meaning “to speak, declare, converse” and is related the word d’bar meaning “to hear.” Thus, one could say that YHVH led the Israelites into the wilderness to hear him speak his word,  and to enter into conversation with him — an impossibility in the noise and confusion of the environment of Egypt where man is at the center of everything and a lot is going on. The wilderness was a sterile and neutral environment devoid of the noise and confusion of man-made stuff.

The first place YHVH brought the Israelites to was the foot of Mount Sinai so he could speak to them face to face.

Before they could hear him, they had to prepare themselves. They had to make themselves clean and set apart from the physical and carnal impurities and distractions of the world and the flesh, which impede one’s ability to hear YHVH -— to connect with their Creator (Exod 19).

YHVH spoke to them, but it was too much for them to hear. It frightened them because they weren’t ready to hear him and to get their lives in sync with his Word — the Torah (Exod 20:19). They still had too much carnality in them. They were still too much in tune with the rhythms of Egypt. That old worldly man had to die in the sterile and noise-free zone of the wilderness.

Nonetheless, in his merciful love, YHVH gave Israel his Torah — his words of instructions to live by. The Torah shows man how to get in harmony with his Creator. The Torah is a like a tuning fork. When one follows the Torah, one gets in tune with YHVH’s musical pitch — with the heart, mind and will of YHVH. When this occurs, as a natural result, one gets out of tune with the world, the flesh and the devil.

The fact that Israel was more in tune with Egypt than with YHVH became evident at the golden calf incident when Israel turned to worshipping the Egyptian calf-idol. At the same time, YHVH’s merciful grace for his weak children was revealed. At the same time, Moses was a holy man who, at a great personal price, had already forsaken Egypt and all it had to offer and had already been purified in his own wilderness experience lasting forty years where he learned to hear his Master’s voice and willingly submitted to YHVH’s will. He was by now totally sold out to YHVH. When Israel sinned, Moses had to separate himself from the Israelites by placing his abode outside the camp of Israel (Exod 33:7). The human leaders YHVH chooses to lead his people are often in a special place of their own — one that is a little nearer to YHVH and, thusly, further from those around them who are still in tune with their own carnality. How can a leader be a leader if he’s not out ahead of the people? YHVH prepares his leaders beforehand to lead by often stripping them of everything near and dear to them so that all they have left is him. This helps them get in tune with him. This happened to Moses who lost his Egyptian princely position and all the glory and honor that came with it. He also lost his wife and children. All he had left was YHVH. He had already died to himself, which is why he was set apart from the children of Israel who hadn’t reached this stage in their spiritual development.

The whole history of Israel from the golden calf incident until the day of Pentecost can be described as a tension between being in sync with the vibes of the world versus being in harmony with YHVH. Israel found itself in the middle of this struggle. At times they leaned in one direction, at times in the other, but more often to the negative side. The Israelites’ perennial inclination toward Baal worship is a perfect example of this. To follow Baal was to succumb to the lower and downward pull of man’s carnal nature. “If it feels good do it,” is the mantra of the religion of the Baalim. On the other hand, YHVH demands that men resist the downward, gravitational pull of sin and to ascend to him. This is done only as we submit to YHVH and follow his rules — the Torah.

On the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts, YHVH put his Holy Spirit (or Set-Apart Spirit) into each person and wrote his Torah on his people’s hearts. This was the big breakthrough that helped men to finally have the internal help to get in harmony with the heavenly music of YHVH’s divine will — his Torah. Now, with the internal dynamo of the Set-Apart Spirit, each person could not only operate in harmony with YHVH’s will, but they had the spiritual power to take the symphonic message of the pro-Torah gospel message to the lost sheep of Israel scattered throughout the world.

The whole earth, all of nature, and the universe is in sync with YHVH Elohim. Each aspect of YHVH’s creation does what it was created to do without question. Each knows its master and follows the Creator’s laws. The ox knows its master and the donkey its place in the world, but, on the contrary,  Israel fell into rebellion against its Creator (Isa 1:3). The heavens declare Elohim’s glory and the sun follows its circuit of rising and setting (Ps 19:1, 5–6). Everything reproduces after its own kind (Gen 1:20, 24–25). The cycles of seedtime and harvest, winter and summer, day and night continue without cessation (Gen 8:2). Only man rebels against this symphony of creation and refuses to follow the Heavenly Conductor’s direction. Man needs to repent of the sin of Torahlessness and get a new, circumcised heart to obey YHVH Elohim!

The weekly Sabbaths and biblical feasts are in harmony with the seasons, which are in harmony with the sun and moon. The plants and animals are in harmony with the seasons. Even the mighty ocean tides follow the moon’s direction. Like musicians in an orchestra, all follow the Divine Conductor’s direction. Yet man lives out of spiritual harmony with these things. Even man in his calendar, though subdivided into months (moons), refuses to follow the moon’s lunar cycle. Man is rebellious, stiffnecked and proud and thinks he knows better than the Creator. How small, foolish and silly man is! The seasons, months, the seven day week that ends in the Sabbath, and the seven biblical festivals are all like musical instruments that when combined harmoniously create a melodious message pointing to the Creator. The whole creation is shouting, yes, screaming at man to follow the Creator’s direction — his Torah. Yet man refuses to listen, to obey and to walk in harmony with the directions of the Divine Conductor! It’s time for man to repent of his rebellious pride and to get in sync with his Creator.

Psalm 19 says that the heavens declare YHVH’s glory from one end of earth to the other.  As the sun’s rays light man’s path in the darkness, so the Torah is a light to direct man in his spiritual walk through the darkness of this world (Pss 19:5ff; 119:105). Yeshua, the Living Torah, is our spiritual Sun of Righteousness who  brings healing to the troubled soul (Mal 4:2). He is the spiritual light of the world (John 1:7–9; 8:12), and he will be the only light in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:23). As Psalm 19 says, the whole creation, like musicians each playing their part in an orchestra, points us toward YHVH and his Torah (both the Written Torah and Yeshua the Living Torah-Word of Elohim incarnate), which is the spiritual vehicle to bring us to YHVH — to put us in harmony with him. About the Torah, Psalm 19 says,

  • YHVH’s Torah is perfect (complete, sound, entire,wholesome, innocent, having integrity) converting the soul of man (Ps 19:7).
  • The Torah is sure, making the simple wise (Ps 19:7).
  • The Torah is right rejoicing the heart (Ps 19:8).
  • The Torah is pure, enlightening the eyes (Ps 19:8).
  • The fear of YHVH, which is learned through Torah-obedience, is clean and endures forever (Ps 19:9).
  • The judgments of YHVH, which are based on Torah, are true and righteous and more precious and desired than gold and sweeter than honey (Ps 19:10).
  • The Torah warns us of dangers (Ps 19:11).
  • There are rewards and benefits to following the Torah (Ps 19:11).
  • Obeying the Torah keeps us from errors, secret faults, presumptuous sin and keeps us blameless and innocent of great transgression (Ps 19:12–13).
  • The Torah keeps the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts acceptable in YHVH’s sight (Ps 19:14).
  • The Torah is our strength and points us to our Redeemer, Yeshua, the Living Torah, through whose example and the inner strength of his Spirit we can walk in his Torah ways (Ps 19:14).

Being in harmony with YHVH through his Written and Living Torah Word puts you in YHVH’s spiritual river of life. This is YHVH’s sweet spot for his people where he’ll meet them with abundant blessing. At this place, spirit and truth come together. He desires this greatly (John 4:23–24). When the truth of YHVH’s Torah combine with the Holy Spirit…

  • the letter of the law comes alive and brings life (2 Cor 3:6; Col 1:6);
  • grace and meets truth and truth is made alive in love (Eph 4:15);
  • mercy triumphs over judgment (Jas 2:13);
  • the word of Elohim is proclaimed in power and authority, thus confounding the wise of this world (Luke 4:36);
  • the ministries of Moses and Elijah go forth across the earth together;
  • the Old and New Testaments come into perfect harmony with each other;
  • Judah stops tripping over the Living Torah and Ephraim stops stumbling over the Written Torah (Isa 8:14) and the two houses of Israel are reunited as the Written Torah of the Jews combines with the Yeshua the Living Torah of the Christians;
  • the Written and Living Torah’s combine to form the full picture of YHVH’s plan of salvation;
  • in that day, Judah and Ephraim will say, “Come, let us return to YHVH, for he has torn, but he will heal us, he has stricken, but he will bind us up. After two days, he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live in his sight … let use pursue the knowledge of YHVH….He will come to us like rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth.” (Hos 6:1–3);
  • in that day, together, Judah and Ephraim will say, “Elohim is our salvation/Yeshua, for Yah, YHVH, is my strength and song and has become my salvation/Yeshua. Therefore with joy they will draw water from the wells of salvation/Yeshua” (Isa 12:2–3);

The two houses of Israel will be joined — the stick of Judah and his companions, Joseph and the stick of Ephraim and his companions — and will become one tree (Ezek 37:15–28). Together, the children of Israel and the children of Judah will come weeping seeking YHVH their Elohim and the way to Zion. The will say, “Come let us join ourselves to YHVH in a perpetual covenant that will not be forgotten,” (Jer 50:4–5).

The day of Pentecost in the upper room (Acts 2:1–4) was a partial fulfillment of these prophecies. When YHVH’s people come into spiritually harmony with their Creator good things happen. Heaven meets earth and miraculous things occur. On the day of Pentecost, YHVH’s people came into one accord. They were on the same page musically spiritually and were in sync the Heavenly Conductor’s directions. Signs, wonders, spiritual breakthroughs, repentance, salvations, and spiritual empowerment are the natural result. This is a picture of the tree of life. This will occur only when men repent of the sin Torahlessness and return to YHVH.

Following the Heavenly Composer’s musical notations puts us in sync with YHVH, the entire universe, the whole creation and with those around us. When Israel rebelled against YHVH, the land of Israel rose up in judgment against them. The opposite was true when YHVH’s people obeyed him. The earth rejoiced, it rained at the proper times and the earth produced it’s bountiful harvest and men prospered joyously as YHVH made his face to shine upon them.

This is the marriage of the YHVH with his people — redeemed Israel who has a circumcised heart and whose Torah law is written on their hearts — who love him and keep his commandments (John 14:15). These are the robes of righteousness that Yeshua’s bride will be wearing on her wedding day — robes of Torah righteousness (the righteousness of both the Written Torah-law and Yeshua, the Living Torah, Rev 19:7–8).

YHVH-Yeshua stands knocking at the doors of our spiritual houses to wake us up out the slumber of spiritual lukewarmness (Rev 3:20, 15–16). He’s urging us to stop drinking from the intoxicating mixture of the wine of that the harlot Babylonian religious system of which we’ve all been a part, and which, like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is a mixture of a little truth and a lot of soul-damning error.

It’s time that we stop dancing to the drumbeat of this world. He says, “Come out of her my people.” “Come away with me, my love,” he’s calling to his people. He’s calling is people into the quietude of the wilderness were they can learn to hear his voice and dance to his spiritual rhythms. It’s time to get off the endless treadmill pursuit of money, time to turn off the television, take out your ear buds so you can start hearing him, turn off the video games, stop the mad pursuit of material possessions and head knowledge, say no to your friends who want to lead you astray, turn off the sports games and movies, which are nothing more than flesh titillating distractions, and begin getting in harmony with YHVH Elohim, the Fountain of living waters and Divine Conductor of the universe.


7 thoughts on “SHAVUOT — Getting in Tune With the Heavenly Philharmonic

  1. I’m feeling the effects of the beautiful harmony with in these words describing the union of the House of Israel united back to Yah/Yeshua. Shalom and have a blessed Feast of Shavuot

  2. Very good summary of the whole meaning of the Bible – the restoration of what was lost in Eden!

    The end is back to the beginning – Heaven and Earth w/ God and Man united, not separated.

  3. Beautiful composition because it is our Creator’s! How wonderful to read it at one most wondrous meal like this.

    Have one thought for us to ponder on with the Acts 2:1-4 Everyone for some reason says in the upper room to receive the Set Apart Spirit.

    The English says they were all in one accord in one place & following through the chapter the Greek indicates 3624 (house) which also could be translated quite adequately as Temple. Is it true that there are private rooms for gathering/meeting at the Temple?

    Perhaps the Apostles were all grouped together at the Temple and as it was Shavuot & they had already received instructions from Y’shua to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the helper is it likely this may have been at the Temple?

    Would it be possible that this was a more public unfolding of Elohim’s desire & plan for the giving of the Set Apart Spirit to write Torah on Apostle’s hearts with the the gift of tongues to occur in the Temple as another sign of Elohim’s blessing of the obedient so Elohim gave access to folk ready to receive the Gospel as an immediate encouragement to the Apostles after such events in their lives as losing to death Y’shua and losing to Heaven Y’shua too.

    It seems that the rest of the chapter goes into the Apostles apparent immediate contact with many not personally known to the Apostles as worshippers of God who were considered as Jews but born in other nations living in Jerusalem.

    It would have been much easier to have moved in astonishment & the fear of God the 3000 people to repent & receive baptism if they were in such a space as the Temple, than a small upstairs room where the news spread from to then have such a multitude convene & hear Peter address them with the Good News.

    Be blessed

    • My impression is that they were gathered in Solomon’s Porch (the Judgement Porch) portion of the Temple, but perhaps Natan knows otherwise…The implication would be that when Yeshua comes the 2nd time, you will need the Holy Spirit to avoid judgement.

      • Thankyou Mike for your thoughtful reply. Torah on our hearts means ability to have obedient hands, minds & mouths which would mean a much better start for a community at peace with Elohim for preparing for Eternity in Yah’s House.

      • You may be correct about the upper room being Solomon’s Porch in the temple courtyard, although Acts 2 doesn’t say they were in the “upper room” on Pentecost The fact that they were gathered at Pentecost at the ninth hour (the hour of the morning prayers and sacrifices in the temple, and the fact that the disciples would go there at this time (Acts 3:1) lends credence to the idea that Acts 2 may have occurred in the temple courtyard.

  4. another great teaching, enlightening and inspiring..thanks Natan. I do believe it was at the temple also…what a day it must have been…just a foretaste, yes? Yes!

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