Donald Trump the Hammer? Like a Samson??

This post on the comments page from Handmaiden4Him has given me great pause for consideration! Therefore, I decided to publish it on the blog. I would value your  comments. I think we’re all trying to figure some things out—what is the Father up to for America?  Natan

From from Handmaiden4Him:

I was voting for Marco Rubio, and I saw Donald Trump winning…then I began to ask the Lord about him. I felt like the Lord was confirming to me that “the Donald” (my quotes) would win. I asked the Lord, “Why?” I began to remember the story of Samson…FOR NO REASON. I remembered how Samson had the nazarite calling and how he was kind of like “the world is my oyster” kind of a guy. If he saw something he liked, he TOOK it. He taunted the Philistines, enemies of Israel, and they were afraid of him. He was also strong and attracted women—also women that were going to use him like Delilah, who represents the beauty of the “enemy,” and who would steal his strength She finally got a very independent man to reveal the source of his strength—his hair. I thought, “wow.” I saw a picture in my mind of Donald Trump. Hmmm…

32257192 Now Trump is no saint, that’s for sure. But Elohim anointed King Cyrus. Was he a believer? No. So I began to consider Trump and wonder why Elohim would not appoint a strong believer like Cruz or Rubio. I felt like He was saying,”they don’t stand a chance.” That would make people even sadder if they got into office and their hands were tied. Trump’s name, in German is Trumpf. It’s the German spelling. It doesn’t mean “trumpet” like you think. It means “hammer.” Jeremiah 23:29 “Is not my word like fire,” declares YHVH, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?”
I felt like what Elohim was saying that things need to be broken before they can be fixed again. So knowing what I feel that Elohim has in mind, I’ve been praying for several weeks and am committed to praying for Trump(f) until the day he walks into the oval office.
I could be wrong, and I’ve missed Elohim before, but I don’t take elections likely, even though we are not invested in this country like we are in the kingdom of Elohim, but i know that Elohim does guide and direct our steps desires for us to prosper in the place in which we live and has a destiny for country. I flew to Washington, DC, by myself, to attend a rally to defund planned parenthood, and prayed while I was there.

Father, protect Donald Trump from greed, manipulation, corruption, and allow him to smash strongholds and stiff necks that block all efforts to restore this country to greatness again—greatness that comes from the kingdom of Elohim in men and women that live in her—in Yeshua’s name. Amein.

Donald Trump being like a Samson…a very interesting analogy that seems to ring true to me, even though I’m no great fan of the man. How about Balaam’s ass (or Jonah’s fish, for that matter)? YHVH sometimes uses very unlikely creatures for his purposes! I’m going to post your comment on the main blog (after I’ve corrected some typos). Thank you very much for these insights!  Natan


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  1. Thank you. Worthy words and thoughts. GIven the options that we began with, the ones I trusted the most were Carson & Huckaby. And yet, I had one very big objection to Carson and it would have prevented me from voting for him, and Huck…..well…… chance there. I do not trust Cruz or Rubio at all. They want to flaunt their faith and yet I don’t actually SEE the fruit that would be expected. Trump at least….doesn’t flaunt it all. He says he believes and that is it. He doesn’t USE it to win votes. He tells it like it is even when that is not easy to hear. The others…the so called believers…..I think they say what they think people want to hear. In a perfect world we would only have King Yeshua as our head, but given that this is not the case, I feel like we have to make the best choice possible for the best good of everyone in the country….now and future. We have a LOT of problems and no one person will solve them all, but if we can get something moving in the right direction, perhaps we will take further steps that will be for the overall good. Cruz & Rubio have been in WA and part of the established problem and have gotten us NOWHERE!!! At the least, give opportunity to someone who is not bought and paid for and dependent on the govt for their livelihood…..and see what they can do. Trump will do as he sees fit and not bow to those who are in it for their coffers. Trump doesn’t need any more power or money and it will be much harder to send him to the ways of the corruption of DC. I think it very possible that Father will use him to get the ball rolling and then in the process, perhaps many will have their eyes opened and take steps in the right direction n the future. Indeed their are Biblical kings who were evil and yet Father used them……….I pray He will do so with Trump (not saying he is evil, just not as “Biblical” as many would like:<) if he is our president. If he is not, then we are in trouble because either it's Hillary, or someone that the Republican est. has weaseled into place to continue the status quo. Abba help us!

    • We’re all looking through a glass darkly on a lot of issues facing us in the end times including this one. Having said this, I agree with you Dr. Betsill. A true prophetic word from above will cut through all the fog, smoke and obscurity and get to the heart of the matter and reveal the Father’s will. At this point, I’m reminded of Prov 29:18—

      Where there is no revelation [or prophetic vision], the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law [Torah].

  2. Wow, I may have to eat my words I have already spoken! Huckaby and Carson were my men , indeed! I felt YAH would want me to vote one who loves Him. Now then, maybe Cruz? But, I want who will beat any Democrat. I am yet undecided! I’ll see who gets the next win!

  3. Rubio, a believer? Believers should be someone you can trust. The Tea Party voted him in over Crist (YAY), then, he threw his supporters under the bus and went establishment and didn’t show his face. He was creamed last night and put his campaign on hold to control his deligates. Newt said it best…The Republican party is paying the price for ignoring it’s base. The hammer is being dropped and the RNC has nobody to blame but themselves. I tend to believe: If Yah is still in politics, He would give us better choices.

  4. I don’t claim to say “thus saith The Lord,” but these (drbetsil’s) are my thoughts EXACTLY. I would expand on the Samson example from Scripture and add Cyrus, Darius, Artaxerxes. And was there ever a more flawed man than King David (although he knew how to repent and was a “man after His own heart”)? If Yah is not finished with us yet, we have to have a “General Patton” at this time in our history. I personally believe DJT is the “trump of the Lord.”

    Remember, we are all getting our impressions of him from the media. Interested in a different perspective? [web url link edited out]

    For those in agreement, let us pray Isaiah 54:17 (NKJV):
    No weapon formed against [him] shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against [him] in judgment [he] shall condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from Me,” says the LORD.

    Nevertheless, not our will but Yours, O God, be done.

  5. The America I knew and loved is gone…whoever wins, we lose…the prophecies must be fulfilled..I believe we are headed for disaster that no amount of praying, or voting for that matter, will get us out of…tribulation is coming whether we like it or not and this country will have to pay for her crimes and lawlessness…sad but true..but when we see the day approaching, look up as your redemption draws near…I’m looking for a city whose builder and maker is God.,,besides we will get the president we deserve not the one we need, not until Yashua returns.

    • What you have said is really the bottom line of it all. Our hope is not in this earthly paradigm, but in the heavenly, which is the object of our faith. In the mean time, we still must occupy unit Yeshua comes being salt and light for his kingdom!

  6. Remember Karen, that even HaSatan himself believes in Jesus:<) It's the walk and talk and the loyalty that is the fruit. Just because your father is a preacher and you are in a mainstream establishment church….doesn't mean you are of Him. Trump also believes:<)

  7. Interesting. My immediate reaction was Jer 50:23. Could this guy be the hammer that dominates the whole earth and then gets destroyed leading end time Babylon? Shalom.

  8. Shalom to all! I tend to think like brother John Holsti. We know that with a hammer things get smashed. Sometimes it’s your thumb, and sometimes because you are using such force, your blow hits the wrong mark.If this country is what we know it is, it is preparation time. My perspective may be different, I know there must be a change, but let us remember The signs of Yeshua’s coming! Take a look at Matt. chpt. 24! Politics is a circus and we are the audience. My perspective is….I was raised in Illinois where almost every governor has gone to jail it seems. I am of the so called, “African-American group, so every election politicians flow into the “black church” and say “Martin Luther King” and leave the people in the same pitiful condition. I must say that Don met with a bunch of preachers that are looking for money or a reality show no doubt.

    Let us think of this tho’. I humbly submit to you family this…Not one candidate can say they keep Shabbat, or Torah or love Elohim or TORAH! Take care lest we be led astray! Are we as a nation giving the rich man the front seat? I feel tricked really. I think about this myself. Barack Obama was and “African, and an American” very hybrid….an illusion. And I want to be ready for Messiah, and we will have difficulties and trials if we can stand. I’m tired of man’s slight of hand. The dirty underbelly of politics is that, they already know what they want to do. They fight in public and agree in private,,campaigns are an industry too, don’t forget…

    So, if the hammer gets in, does the hammer love Shabbat being big business? Can a rich man enter into the kingdom? If he and others want to build a wall to keep out migrants, of whom by the way are these rich folks nannies and house keepers and gardeners, will we be that threat too! Also, there are many other immigrant groups that work in this county. My son worked last summer with teens from Russia, they thought it was an exchange program, they lived in a big house and worked for the owner of an amusement facility who kept most of their pay. Unrighteousness is abounding…

    Will we deny the father because of the angry mob against us? Looks like time to make real faith decisions. We are being divided in a dangerous way. Remember, as my mom used to say, “Watch what you ask for”. !! Shalom to you all! One love!

    • Exactly the point…………NONE of them keep Shabbat, etc.(there was a time that I didn’t either!!:<) But we still have a country that we must live in and we must responsibly make choices about that country for the sake of our children. We must do the best we can in the situation in which we find ourselves. Keep in mind that a hammer……..only smashes if it is used wrong. It is also used to make things and fix things:<)

  9. Personally, I think Samson is “rolling over in his grave” in being compared to Donald. I do not see “the Donald” willing to give his life (not when you read what he had to say about wives) as Samson did in the end. The circus is to entertain us to the point we no longer care. Remember, it’s all about the “Art of the Deal”! no matter which side your on.

    • Whoever we end up with as President of the US, make no mistake about it, it will be YHVH’s judgment against a wicked, sinful and rebellious nation that has turned its back on him. For the saints of the Most High, it will be a time of purification and refinement to purge us of any remaining lukewarmness. Only true, heartfelt repentance backed up by meaningful spiritual fruits will avert this judgment, and presently, I don’t see any signs of that happening in the US. There is still much pride in this nation, and Trump epitomizes this pride.

      Look, the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are going to come to pass sooner or later, and this means grievous judgments against all rebels and sinners and the political, economic and religious systems that have lifted them up as gods over mankind. These are precursors to Yeshua’s second coming. Nothing will avert that.

  10. Where does Trump stand with the nation of Israel?

    I thought i heard him say he can negotiate the middle east??

    Does anyone who truly knows the middle east really think they can negotiate the middle east??

    At this point I am not sure what our vote will do? We know about the Kennedy’s.. we know about 911.. We know about our congressmen and our presidents..etc…

    Name a world politician that is not corrupt?? maybe Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu..

    If Trump were to win the election.. I ask myself.. What man being a billionaire AND the most powerful man in the world will not be corrupt??

    Who could truly handle those “cards” in life correctly?? Especially someone who does not keep Torah AND believe in Yahshua? What man can correctly handle wealth and power?? I don’t know of any.. including myself..

    There is only one man that I know of that could possible handle that position correctly..

    I pray that Elohim’s will be done.. and that if I am supposed to vote in this election I will be led to..

    Natan.. I do appreciate you posts on this topic..

    • As I understood him to say, he would try but didn’t see anything coming of it…..he realizes that Israel won’t & shouldn’t give away land and knows the other side won’t stop trying to get it. Given he knows this, he sees neutral as a position because he knows….as we do, that there is no fix by man. His daughter is Orthodox Jewish and he has given monetary support to Israel…..

  11. I am so without poitical understanding, as hard as I try to find a
    beed on it. I just go with my gutt, another word for insight, conscience, whatever. For some reason, since the beginning, I have had a sense that Trump was YHVH’s man for the hour. Maybe a Samson, maybe a Pharoh, maybe a Cyrus. I have no idea. But if he is the man cosen for this time, he will be used, whether you or I or he like it. I believe that in our poor beleagered country, there is still at least the remnant that Moses begged Yah for in Soddom. He will save by His hand. He will choose the Hammer or the Fire Brand. It is a most exciting time to be alive. Seems like these days we are always choosing the lessor of two evils, or so we see it.

    • I see that a dilemma remains for Torah-loving followers of Yeshua the Messiah: How do we vote for candidates who are not only YHVH’s judgment against this nation and who at the very least are Torah-oblivious and at most lying, heathen, demagogic scum bags? Some will choose not to vote at all when both sides are evil. It is at this time that we need to NOT view this situation through the eyes of men, but through the eyes of Elohim and seek his direction. I don’t believe the mind of man can figure this one out! For this reason, I posted on this blog the prophetic word from from one of this blog’s readers about Trump being like a hammer. The idea was to get us thinking outside of our mental boxes and start viewing this issue through the eyes of YHVH.

  12. Elder Natan thank you for sharing the vision. I have taken time to look at this topic with a different perspective. I thank you all for the fellowship here and as we continue our main goal is to gain understanding and wisdom. You are correct, this is so complex that we should not lean to our own understanding in this matter…. Shabbat Shalom to all!

    One Love!

  13. Last month or so, I kept hearing the Lord say “hammer” to me, referring to Donald Trump. This went on for a few weeks, til I finally researched it and came across this site and the above post. My jaw dropped open in shock. Mr. Trump is the Hammer who will smash strongholds up in D.C.

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