Are you a spiritual “cannibal?”

John 6:54, Flesh…blood. This is a Hebrew idiom for “the whole person” (see Matt 16:17; 1 Cor 15:50; Gal 1:6; Eph 6:12; Heb 2:14). This relates to Moses’ instructions that “man shall not live by bread alone…but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of YHVH” (Deut 8:3).

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This applies to Yeshua who was that Word of Elohim who “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:1 and 14). When one puts their faith in Yeshua (John 6:29 and 5:24), then one must also believe him—that is, not only accept him as the Son of Elohim and one’s Savior, but also follow and obey (or “eat”) him who is the Living Manna-Word of Elohim from heaven.

This involves believing his words by loving him and keeping his Torah-commands (John 14:15, 23 cp. Exod 20:6), which are his literal words. This is why YHVH instructed the Israelites to eat the whole Passover lamb, and to leave nothing left over (Exod 12:10).

This teaches us that we are to “eat” all of Yeshua—his whole Person as represented by the bread and the wine at communion on Passover. We are to accept the totality of his Word, not just the parts that suit us, or fit with our conventional religious viewpoints as per the traditions of men.

Many claim to eat all of his flesh and drink all of his blood, yet through their anti-Torah theologies they rip pages out of their Bibles and toss them into the spiritual trash can claiming it is for the Jews and not for them.

This is exactly what Adam and Eve did when they listened to the serpent’s lies at the tree of knowledge and rebelled against YHVH’s clear commands. The Bible defines sin as violating the words, commands or Torah of Elohim (1 John 3:4). It is also a sin not to believe in Yeshua (John 16:9; 3:18–19) who is the Living Torah-Word of Elohim incarnate. It is also sin to act in unrighteousness (1 John 5:17). The Bible defines unrighteousness as violating YHVH’s Torah commands (Ps 119:172), which are the words of Yeshua. In summary, when we accept all of Yeshua by eating his flesh and drinking his blood, (i.e., partaking of the bread and wine at communion) we are confessing that we accept the totality of who he was and is.

If we fail to believe and obey all of his words, then to the degree that we do so we are walking in sin, don’t love him and don’t even know him (1 John 2:3–4).


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  1. I have for years been in the camp of the enemy and can’t escape . I have taken care of my elderly Mom for ten years and every Easter and Christmas here we go again. i have had a hard journey. I gradually became Messianic since 2003 and have fought vigorous fights with Hasatan to remain in YHWY’s rest and now they all get it and they leave me alone. Then the year turns and here we are again. This is within my own family my brothers and sister. Long story short My Mom is under Hospice care now and near death. My siblings want to bring in a Catholic priest for last rights and communion.What can I do?Desperate for help! I don’t want this to happen.This may not be post related I pray that YHWY will intervene on this action.I’m in need of wise council

    • Shalom Chris

      my heart goes out to you in these difficult trials. You have endured much & there will be more to come. I will pray with you for bravery & boldness to witness truth in an even greater degree than you already have to finally overcome the untruth that tries to swallow light & steal from you & your family.

      It can be incredibly draining to have light suckers around & you find yourself having to “share” you mum with them. So sorry. Perhaps you could use some help of a witness that is not your own voice but says the truth. Keep in the Word & reaching out for prayer & in prayer>

      [Edited out. This blog doesn’t allow the url addresses of other ministries to be posted without my prior consent. There are too many false teachers and false teachings out there, and I don’t want that coming on my blog. We keep a clean house here, and I don’t have time to check every ministry out, so I ban everyone, unless I approve ahead of time. Thanks for understanding. NL]

      I do not know how long your dear mother will be with us or if she is able to choose anymore. I assume that the Catholic faith was the family norm. I will pray for the miraculous to happen. (As it has for you & me.)

      Perhaps you will be emboldened so much that your siblings will know something greater exists than the doctrines of men created by Satan.

      Be blessed with strength & keep crying out & looking up to the spiritual way of truth especially when the world is impossible to bear alone.
      Much love in Messiah

      • Shalom Natan
        just want to apologise. I just read this response of yours about the editing. And had just sent off another with a website address with this understanding you had asked for anyway.
        Is there another place I can ask a question? I know ministry is a busy place with lots of questions too.
        Kind regards in seeking to live Truth

      • You can ask a question on this blog in the general questions/comment box on the front page of our blog, or email to our ministry (which comes to me) at

    • it’s not the end of the world to be given last rites by a Catholic priest. So what? In the long run, what does it really matter? Go with the flow and bless your family. The last rites aren’t being given to you, and besides, your mom isn’t at the same spot where you’re at spiritually. Look on the bright side, in the process, maybe Yah will give you an opportunity to sow some spiritual seeds into your family.

      • I was and am,to some degree exactly in your place. Mom, a late life returnie to the Catholic faith. She is now 97 and in memory care. Me, a sojourner through the path and now, settled into an almost selfstyled, lifestyle of Torah observant, best I can, simply because every label seems to carry too much erroneous baggage. I only care what HE calls me.
        All that to say, I agree with Natan. Our faith is in HIM. He is merciful and just. Your Mom and mine have a degree of understanding and relationship that is none of our business. I was bombastic in my exprrssion of my views in earlier years. Now, she lives in a demension that I don’t understand. But YHVH does and is there and continues to deal with her. My input is this, allow yourself to relax, enjoy your last moments with her, share what you can and make peace with your family. Our Father is big enough to take care of the rest. Her last wishes memorialize her understanding. Honor her and set the weight down off of your own shoulders. You have siblings, talk, love enjoy. honor and celebrate who she was and is. Your sister in the journey.

  2. Yes I am a spiritual cannibal for Yeshua Messiah. I observe so many who claim to be following Yeshua/Jesus but have no idea what he said. They rely heavily upon the leaders of the churches they attend to tell them what the scriptures say. I’m praying that they dust off their bibles and read for themselves. Shalom and blessings to you

  3. I am a Torah keeper…my 95 yr old catholic mother obviously not..she is in severe dementia now and in hospice and I was reminded YHWH will judge and He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy! Let us leave it in His hands.

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