Beware of Donald Trump!

Written by Jon Alexander, one of this blog’s readers. (Reprinted with permission.)

Prior to WWII, Germany was reeling for various reasons (mostly economic collapse due to the Versailles treaty). Numerous factions were running for power within the very volatile environment; the social democrats, the socialists, and the Nazis were the big three parties.

The social democrats were not the same as we have today, but supportive of the Weimar Republic which was a semi-presidential representative federal republic. Eventually the republic failed the people so much that they became enraged. Strong personalities got attention and factions that had been less popular years before gained political traction.

Out of this socialists, the anti-democrats, the National socialists (Nazis), and others struggled for power. Hindenburg won the election of 1932, but was forced to give Hitler the chancellorship for political reasons. Eventually Hindenburg died and, due to other political moves and outcomes, Hitler was able to set up his dictatorship.

I write this because I feel that we are missing something. America has become very split and volatile. We just got done electing a near socialist twice in Obama. He was elected largely due to frustration with our system. Now the other side is frustrated and, so far, supporting someone who has tyrannical language as his platform. Sadly, people actually view this as an asset. I fear Trump more than I do Bernie. While I loathe socialism, I also loathe tyrants. I am not calling Trump a Hitler in the sense that he is willing to extinguish people and push atrocities; but I am in the sense that he is riding the populist anger and his platform is “I will fix this” and little more. Policy isn’t ever central to his personal provocation; but singular power. How do we fix immigration? Elect Trump-he will force Mexico to build a wall. How do we fix healthcare? Elect Trump, he will get it done. How do we create jobs? Elect Trump, he knows how to create jobs.

The problem is that these solutions aren’t within the framework of our Constitution (and perhaps reality). We are a Constitutional Republic that is specifically put in place so that an individual can’t fix things or ruin things alone. It requires policy and non-independent work. Trump supporters openly admit to wanting someone who insults and conquers opponents. They want someone who will punish their opposition, not realizing that under such a system, you may become the opposition.

We have become like the Israelites who, frustrated with their godly system, looked for a king. How long before we abandon our liberty for the ease of a tyrant?



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  1. Noam Chomsky says the same as your blogger, he would vote for Hillary, and has given money to Sanders, I believe people think that Trump is a last ditch effort to wrest control from the oligarchs, who have taken control over this country, might be better than your follower thinks. even if Trump is another oligarch, at least he isn’t part of the New World Order (yet). He doesn’t want my guns, cares for the Bill of Rights etc.

  2. This is kind of disappointing to me……………….at least the heading of the article. The reality is that we are in a mess already and even though we are not of the world, we are IN it and have to function the best we can within that confine. Not unlike not being “in the land with a temple” but do the best we can given our situation…to keep the feasts. This world is not perfect. To single out Donald Trump for a warning to beware……seems pretty close minded to the whole of what we have going on. For certain reasons I can say the same thing about Ben Carson..”Beware”….because of something he believes and is in favor of, and the same can be said of the others for various reasons…..No exp, etc, so why are we singling out one person here? It comes across sounding more like a political agenda than a prophetic warning! Just my little 2 cents:<). Agree Abba's will be done and we need to pray!!!

    • I didn’t say not to vote for Trump. I said “Beware of him.”

      I have posted similar warnings about Bernie on this blog, so I have not just singled out Trump as you incorrectly suggest.

      We all know that Hillary is a liar, a criminal and is a total phony. So what’s the point of restating the obvious?

      We could go down the list with the most of the other candidates.

      When the Ruach instructs me to do so, I will single out others. So stay tuned. I try to follow the Spirit’s leadings on this.

      This blog is not about me. It’s about truth and righteousness as determined by the Word and Spirit of Elohim. Sometimes the truth hits hard. I make no apologies for it, nor will I mince words or seek to curry the favor of humans. It is time that John the Baptist type individuals stand up, confront this lost generation and call a spade a spade by calling men to repentance. I’m not your typical preacher. Not seeking money, glory, men’s favor, popularity or fame. Only the truth and the face of Elohim. I’m not reluctant to take the lid off the gilded garbage can and to examine the contents in the light of the the Bible. The rocks must be turned over to reveal all the creepy crawlies underneath, so we can make righteous judgments as Yeshua commanded us. We must be fruit inspectors. Why am I criticized for doing what Yeshua has called the saints to do?

      Personally, I’m not on the side of any man, woman, candidate or party. As servants of the Most High, we should all be above partisan politics. I am on the side of truth and righteousness wherever it may be found. Period.

      Thank you for your comments. It’s good that we discuss these things, and I value what everyone has to say.

      • Boker Tov Natan. I apologize..I must have missed the Bernie Sanders warning! I get your blog notices but somehow that one must have slipped through. Regardless…..just so that you know how it came across……….even if that wasn’t what you meant to say, it sounded like “Don’t vote for Trump” It sounded like “He is evil” based on the title of the blog which set the tone. Of course it is your blog and ministry and you can say what you wish………..even those things, I was just taken aback at what seemed like a call out when under the rocks….the others are not better. :<) :<) Oddly enough, in one area, you and Trump are similar….you both speak your mind and sometimes it comes across differently than you intend. I am beginning to see that and will likely be asking more questions when you write because I think sometimes I misinterpret what you mean from what you say!! ………… AND…………..I need to remember that you put a (BOLD) name to the blog but didn't even write it….the words were someone else's. Back and forth….we all learn if willing and if we communicate! Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Politics=poly meaning many, tics=blood sucking animals….we don’t get the president we need…we get the one we deserve…

  4. Wow! I know I must Vote but who is the question! Is my Vote going to count or yours? Trump was not on my list but I do want to vote for the one who would be the most Godly! Hoping one is!
    I think as I look back, YAH gave us Obama because we were already going away from Him! He determined to let us sink, and we did!


    • Amein.

      If Trump gets the nomination, I’ll probably vote for him, but I’ll really have to think and pray about it first, though and seek the Father’s heart and will on this.

  5. You should catch up on Jonathan Cahn & Bo Polny’s figuring in regards to the Shmitah Years .The Twin Towers were destroyed because of the sins of America in Striking Down the Marriage definition & encouraging sexual deviates.& passing the Abortion Bill which has resulted in 52 million babies being aborted in the years since.In addition to casting any mention of GOD in schools & tossing out The Ten Commandments from public places or positions of importance.
    George Washington ,in 1789 ,after America was proclaimed a Nation at Waall St then led the signatories to St Pauls Chapel at The Gateway to New York the Capital of that newly formed Nation & in prayer dedicated that Nation to abide by the Judaeo-Christian Principles & warned about the penalty for failure.
    Judgement came on 9/11/2001,but was ignored & The Tower of Defiance has since been completed in 2015.
    Financial crashes of 2001 & 2008 in Shmitah Years have also been ignored & things continue as before.,NO Repentance !. Thus,the scene is set for destruction ,just as in the time of The Kingdom of Judah….604BC was the 3rd year of Jehoiakim,when members of the Royal Family were sent as Eunuchs to serve Babylon. No repentance was forthcoming & thus,in 583BC,21years later ,Solomon’s Temple & Jerusalem was destroyed & the majority of the survivors of the 4 Sieges that occurred were sent to captivity in Babylon.
    2001 was a Smitah Year ,as was 2008 & thus 2015 was the 21st year or a 3rd Smitah Year,& so far so good?????. But,the year of 6020AM / 2020 Elohimic begins 1st Nisan —8th April 2016 Julian-Gregorian.
    Based on the figures of Polny & Cahn ,it appears that the New Year is the Jubilee Year & also in the wake of the Smitah Year & a nasty surprise may result.
    The 9th of AV falls inAugust 13-14 this year,which was the time of the many disasters which has struck regarding the Israelites ,in particular the JEWS (Of The Kingdom of Judah)
    The JEWS of modern times are but the descendants of the Remnant of Hezekiahs Kingdom of Judah of The 712 BC Conquest by Sennacherib of Assyria ,who deported 200,000, Men,Women & Children from the conquered Defenced Cities & Villages ,plus Hezekiahs Harem,& his Musicians & several of his own Daughters ,who were part of the ransom accepted by Sennacherib to spare Jerusalem & the JEWS therein.
    None of the transportees returned as JEWS ,but chose to forget their Jewishness to become a part of Isaacs Sons of the Assyrian diaspora.
    Thus ,over the centuries those Israelites became known by many names other than Israelites,such as Isaka, Saka, Scuiths,Scythians,Parthians ,Keltoi, Kelts ,Kimmerians Dacians ,Vandals ,Angles ,Saxons, Normans ,Norse, Vikings ,British,Germans ,etc.
    The former JEWS are today part of Scotland,Denmark & Norway .
    The Remnant survived as a Kingdom until 583 BC, & although a captive nation until 534 BC / 3466AM & returned in 533 BC to rebuild the Temple under the Decree/Edict of Cyrus2 The Great of Persia / Overlord of The Medo-Persian Empire from 534 BC.
    The rebuild was delayed by opposition of The JEWS enemies & was completed 20 years later in the 6th year of Darius The Great of Persia ,513BC / 3487AM .
    Thus ,ALL 13 Tribes of The Israelites were represented in the Assyrian Diaspora & their descendants are The BRITISH PEOPLE of today ,including the JEWS .
    MANASSEH & EPHRAIM Were the recipients of the greater birthright blessings & as much as fools continue to deny that fact ,it does not change.
    The Northern Ten Tribed Kingdom from Solomon’s death in 931BC/ 3069AM was generally referred to as ISRAEL ….However ,in Isaiah 7:9 it can be seen that Samaria was the head of EPHRAIM,& that the son of Remaliah was the head of Samaria!!!!!.
    This is the classic case where the definition of who was who is revealed.
    The son of Remaliah was PEKAH ,who had been King over Israel for 20 years .,BUT those 20 years were IN GILEAD ,in a second throne or Kingship ‘over Israel’,while the Superior King Ruled over Israel in Samaria.
    Thus, Isaiah 7:9 zeroes in on the instant in time when PEKAH was King in Samaria,which was immediately after he had slain King Pekahiah,in order to usurp his throne.That was the same year that King Azariah/UZZIAH died & Isaiah saw The LORD on the throne etc.
    PEKAH ‘ruled over Israel’ 20 years ,in GILEAD ,749—-730/29BC.He was outed by Tiglath Pileser 3 in preference to HOSHEA ,who ‘ruled over Israel’ in GILEAD 729/8—-720 BC,albeit as a prisoner 722—-720 BC.
    There was NO KING in Samaria during the 3 years of Assyrian siege & conquest.

    PEKAH was immediately slain by HOSHEA,King over Israel ,in GILEAD ….in 722BC / 3278AM…HOSHEA was then besieged ,bound & imprisoned in GILEAD by his Assyrian Overlord,Shalmaneser V, who the went up through the land & besieged Samaria 3 years & they took it .Shalmaneser was succeeded by his brother Sharrukin / Sargon 2 ,who completed the conquest of Samaria & deported 30,000POWs to Assyria & Media,the remnant of a diehard rearguard whose defence allowed thousands to emigrate by Sea to the “Phoenician” settlements established by Solomon so The Nation of Israel in partnership with King Hiram of Tyre in a world encompassing Navy .Thousands of others went by land through “The Gates Of Israel / Dariel Pass of the Caucusus Mountain Range to Southern Russia & Thousands more via The Upper Gorges of the Euphrates to Arsoreth / Eastern Europe & thus to form the Scythian & Parthian Empires for centuries prior to a final emigration to Form The Western European Nations of today.
    British People ALL …..Brit/Berith –Covenant…… Ish—-People.
    Including the JEWS of Eretz Yisrael.
    The time is short …..It is Later than you might think,& the time to get with the program is now …..CHANGE our ways or it will be all over for the majority in a period of horror outdoing all other times of Mankinds 6019 years on the Planet..
    Three & an half years of Tribulation is just around the corner.,a time when all physical life could be erased from the Earth ,lest Yehovah Elohim intervenes.

    As for Donald Trump .,How could he be worse than Obama????,who just ignores the Senate ,by issuing Executive do his own thing!!!!.
    Trump at least is some sort of a ‘christian’& at least might restore some of the ‘Judaeo- Christian Principles that the Nation was dedicated to .
    Trump is the Great White Hope -among a Nation of people who are asleep at the wheel ,dulled by hundreds of years of being programmed by lies ,half truths & fiction ,served up by an army of Parasites,Hypocrites,DECEIVERS & Liars ( PHDLs) purveyors of Satanically inspired false ‘religion’ & Counterfeit ‘christianity’.

    That The Shmitah has emerged in the U S A ,should be plain enough to see what I have written pertains to Manasseh of Israel ,whose rise to greatness began in 1800 AD /. 5800 AM,exactly 2,520 years from The destruction of the Kingdom of Israel , A K A , EPHRAIM (Isaiah 7:9)….Ephraim & Manasseh were together throughout the time in the Wilderness,but parted company in 1776.
    Following WW2 Ephraim/ as bankrupt & the U S A rose to #1 position in the World.
    Thus after 219 years in a privileged position,& although dedicated to the Almighty GOD ,that Nation has followed false gods & Satanically inspired ‘religion’,including Counterfeit ‘christianity’ & recently a light generated depiction of the ‘God’ Kali was projected onto the Empire State Building in New York,,yet any reference to the Creator GOD has been banned from public display or reference.
    In St Pauls Chapel is a sculpture depicting Mount Sinai & at its base two tablets & The Ten Commandments & above the Shekinah Cloud & the Name Jehovah,& that is where The Nation was dips dictated.
    In the yard stood a Sycamore tree which was destroyed by falling rubble from the demolished Towers.A sculpture was made of its uprooted remains & that sculpture is displayed outside Wall St Stock Market .
    In total misunderstanding of what they were doing Government representatives quoted Isaiah 9:10 which was actually cursing the efforts of the rebuilders of the so-called ‘FreedomTower’.This was followed up by Obama writing on the final beam of the rebuild in similar fashion .
    On completion a spire was lifted into position atop the Tower ,but windy conditions delayed the erection until May 10th 2014 & a Solar Eclipse occurred.This was followed up by Three Lightning Strikes on the spire on Sunday…
    On the Eve of 9/11 a Rainbow was seen to strike the base of the Freedom Tower & again in total misinterpretation of its meaning The White House & The Spire were lit up in Rainbow colours.
    Thus ….THREE DESECRATIONS of ELOHIMIC LAW were celebrated by the Half Wits responsible for the ingratitude of the many blessings that Nation has enjoyed over the past 200 years,despite only partially observing some of that LAW ,& being led astray by false religion.

    Are the three DESECRATIONS which spell doom to the U S A .
    There are only Pseudo Christians Worldwide ,regardless of their claims to the contrary,& The U S A is no different.
    Check out “Errors in the K J V Richard Nickels .,on the Web for a compilation of mistakes ,mistranslations,misinterpretations ,omissions mispunctuations etc found by many Scholars over the 400 years since the publication of the K J V/ Authorised ‘bible’,& then check out 2 Kings 15:27& 30 in all ‘bibles’ & Codexes,,& you will see that they are falsified ‘scriptures’.& contribute to the failure of everyone of the claimants to the title of Christian to construct an authentic Bible Timeline/ Calendar,which I have done,which fits perfectly with the cross references as supplied by Ezra Ben Seraiah.,the Restorer of ELOHIMIC LAW & TRUTH to Jerusalem..In 453BC /3547AM,The true 7th year of King Artaxerxes of Persia.

    The Heresy was extant in Apostolic Times ,as the Apostle Paul Described ,thus it is little wonder that the same heresy survived & thrived,when Lucifer / Satan is The God of this World,(2Cor4:4) Who deceives the whole World(Rev12:9).
    Simple Arithmetic will prove me right .
    Those with eyes to see & ears to hear will understand!!!!, THEY are “THE ELECT” of. “EL ( GOD) THE FATHER”………In the year of 2016 Julian -Gregorian,it is really the 6,020th year since Adam’s creation,& the 2,020th since Y’Shua’s birth.
    The TRUE BELIEVERS would know such things or would be capable of being taught those TRUTHS ……..MEEK /. Teachable.

  6. Just a correction to the previous .,As 1917 was the year of Cahn ‘s figurines, & 50 years later was the Jubilee ,in 1967,it follows that 2017 would be the next Jubilee,NOT 2016 as claimed ..?????. As 2016 is the period in the wake of the Smitah,it may mean a last chance to repent ,but,the 9th of AV is looking ominous for America,while 2017 may be reserved for the next episode of the JEWS destiny/ history .
    Whatever,the signs are not good for either as half of the City (Jerusalem) is to be lost etc in the Prophecies pertaining to those times.
    Even if a Temple is built ,as Netanyahu seems to believe ,& Scripture also suggests,a double cross results from the False Prophet & The Beast Power.

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