Beware of Blind Leaders Leading Many Astray

Luke 6:40, Perfectly/fully trained. Those disciples of Yeshua the Master-Teacher who are properly trained, fit out, prepared or equipped can become like Yeshua the Master-Teacher. Those who aren’t properly equipped or trained to teach are like the blind leading the blind and will cause others to fall into a spiritual ditch (Luke 6:39). Those who aren’t properly trained not only will be like a blind man, but will also be hypocritical in his judgments and assessments of things. This is because he lacks the experience, wisdom and skills to be able to point out the faults of others because he still inexperienced and has too many blind spots and is still like the blind leading the blind (Luke 6:41–42).

Blind Businessman

This is why Paul very carefully lays out the qualifications for those in spiritual leadership in the local congregation. A spiritual leaders was not to be an inexperienced individual, a new convert or a novice (1 Tim 3:6), but well-discipled in YHVH’s truth before hand (Tit 1:9). Paul says that it is good thing for a man to desire to be a spiritual leader (1 Tim 3:1), but it isn’t a good thing if he doesn’t meet the criteria or qualifications, which Paul then lays out (1 Tim 3:2–13).

The problem is that in our day, there are many individuals who desire to be leaders and teachers, who are self-appointed, and who have not been perfectly or fully trained. Since the advent of the internet, such people now have an easily accessible pulpit-platform from which to influence others. Sadly, they are like the blind hypocrite in Yeshua’s parable leading many astray and causing many to stumble and fall into spiritual ditches. Just because someone has a website, a YouTube channel, has published a book, spoken at a conference, has academic credentials or been on radio and television doesn’t mean they have been perfectly equipped or fully trained for such a vocation. We may not always know what a person’s background or qualifications are, but the spiritual fruit they produce, whether good or bad, can be an excellent indicator as to what type of spiritual tree they are, as Yeshua goes on to say in the next verses (Luke 6:43–45).


3 thoughts on “Beware of Blind Leaders Leading Many Astray

  1. When looking to learn from others the most important factor I look for is not only their belief that Yahshua is the Messiah, but do they believe we are to live/do/keep the Torah.

    If they are not teaching and living that out, then I know the truth is not in them


    Natan, humbly I think it is possible for maturer walkers (Torah doers) in the faith to heal..

    Mat 10:1 And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

    Can you shed any light on this?

    • There are many good saints who believe in the deity and messiahship of Yeshua and live and keep the Torah. This doesn’t mean, however, that YHVH has called them to be leaders or teachers. This is something completely different.

      Yes, I do believe in healing by the laying on of hands. I have healed dozens of people this way, and have seen healing occur through others this way, and have been the recipient of healing through others laying hands on me.

      I went back to see if I had a teaching on healing, or had done a video on this subject, and I see that I haven’t. Thus, for you, and because it’s needed, I will do a teaching on it —— maybe this coming Shabbat in our congregation, and post in on YouTube. Thanks for putting this bee in my bonnet. I can’t believe I have done anything on it.

      • Looking forward to that video or any info you share on healing.. No rush by the way.. and thank you for all your help.. 🙂

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