Christian Bakers Pay Off Lesbians

I have a big problem with this! 

Despite all the court battles, legal challenges, trying to appease the homosexuals with “turning the other cheek” (by the way, this is something Yeshua never told his disciples to do in the face of Torahlessness), appealing to the media, the Kleins still ended up having to pay off the perverts because a wicked and ungodly judicial system forced them to do so. 

What’s wrong with this picture?

It seems that the saints, with everything stacked against them legally in a satanic-secular society, must reconsider their tactics. It’s getting more difficult for the righteous to win in a court of law. We must pray and seek YHVH for a new, novel approach to defeat our spiritual enemies. Sometimes the conventional frontal attack will work, sometimes not. This was the case when ancient Israel was fighting their physical enemies. Often, they had to seek YHVH for the unique method or battle plan to defeat their enemies. The saints must start doing the same when battling the antichrist Islamo-facists, the Elohim-hating secular humanists (called “Progressives”), the weirdo-new agers and the homosexual-facists. YHVH will give his people plans and battle tactics to defeat the enemy.

Let’s not forget that enemy is is not people, but the evil spirits behind them. We must keep preaching the gospel to the lost sinners. Perhaps this is our greatest weapon — keep preaching the saving message of repentance and Messiah Yeshua to them! — Natan

Now for the story of the day…


Sweet Cakes owners pay damages while continuing appeal of $135,000 bias case 

By George Rede | The Oregonian/OregonLive 
on December 28, 2015 at 4:30 PM, updated December 28, 2015 at 5:22 PM

The Oregon bakery owners who ignited a national controversy by refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple on Monday quietly paid a state-ordered $135,000 damages award and then some.

Aaron Klein, co-owner of the shuttered Sweet Cakes by Melissa, walked into the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries’ Portland office and handed over a check for $136,927.07, an amount including accrued interest, agency spokesman Charlie Burr said.

Earlier this month, the labor bureau recovered nearly $7,000 additional funds from the Kleins with the help of the state Department of Justice and a private collections agency, Burr said. The money came from a garnished bank account, he said.

Aaron and Melissa Klein had refused to pay damages of $135,000 to Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, claiming financial hardship despite three online fundraising accounts set up by supporters that netted them at least $515,000 as of late September.

On July 2, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian ordered the Kleins to pay damages for emotional and mental suffering, saying they had violated the women’s civil rights by discriminating on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Rachel Bowman-Cryer visited the Gresham bakery with her mother in January 2013 to order a cake for a civil commitment ceremony. Aaron Klein, working alone that day, turned her away, citing his Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage.

The women filed complaints with the state, triggering a national debate over the Kleins’ claims of religious freedom in the face of anti-discrimination laws that require Oregon businesses to serve the public equally.

Tyler Smith, a Canby attorney representing the Kleins, said payment of the debt does not mean his clients have abandoned their appeal of Avakian’s order. The Oregon Court of Appeals is likely to hear arguments next year but Smith said it made sense to pay now while the case is pending rather than incur additional interest charges.

The bureau “was attempting to charge interest rates of 9 percent, equating to $35 a day, and seeking to garnish any assets of the Kleins so they couldn’t earn interest on the money that had been donated to them,” Smith said. “The prudent thing to do, given the generosity of people who have contributed funds, was to take care of it and continue the fight.”

Through their lawyers, the Kleins twice asked Avakian for a stay to delay enforcement of his order while the Court of Appeals considers their case. The commissioner rejected the requests on July 14 and again July 24, citing the amounts raised for the Kleins from crowdfunding sites. State officials subsequently went to court to establish their right to place a property lien or other assets belonging to the couple.

“We certainly wish (the bureau) would have stayed collections efforts during the course of the appeal,” Smith said.

Altogether, the state has received roughly $144,000 from the Kleins – an amount that Burr acknowledged might be in excess of what was owed as of Monday, Dec. 28.

“We have been in touch with their lawyers throughout the process,” Burr said, providing them with exact amounts due to satisfy the debt. The figure has changed from day to day because of accruing interest.

If the Kleins have overpaid, the agency will look at returning the difference, Burr said. The Kleins closed their Gresham bakery in 2013 and now operate out of their home in Sandy.

Paul Thompson, a Portland lawyer representing the Bowman-Cryers, said, “My clients are happy the Kleins paid the fine and are moving forward, and hope to see the ruling upheld on appeal.”

— George Rede


3 thoughts on “Christian Bakers Pay Off Lesbians

  1. Yah forbid, I will have a similar choice to make. But I probably will at some point, we all will. I am so tired of being intimidated by the enemy of our souls, by fear. Fear of man, as much as fear of harm.
    It was the leaven of Harod and the leaven of the Pharasees. They knew better, but didn’t have the courage to stand for The Living Elohim and His Prophet Messiah, because it would have meant giving up what they saw as “everything” Father of lies 1 Man 0.
    NOT FOR LONG!!! We have to pray dilegently, now! for Grace to stand, for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters.

  2. Hi Natan ,The [homosexual] degenerates is this world will not take correction from anyone,& will get their cake somewhere else anyway .If Elohim was so concerned ,no doubt THEY could arrange death for such perverts in any number of ways.As it stands ,such an action has only resulted in the perverts winning ..It would seem that such responses only further empower the degenerates ,lowlife scum of this world system …
    The LAW is aimed at the MEEK ( Teachable) who aspire to be among The Saints,….The degenerates reward is to be a part of the Two Thirds of Mankind ,who will be destroyed in The End Times,& The Day Of The Lord.
    Would be Saints are not to engage in such behaviour,rather than Grandstanding & trying to ‘make this world a better place’
    Mankind in general hate Elohimic Law ,as the less than 144,000 humans who have been found worthy of Immortality attests to ,as that number signifies the beginning of THE END TIMES..At this time,we are in the year 6020 Anno-Mundi .or 2020 AD,
    Less than 144.000 in nearly 2000 years !!!!., as The HOLY SPIRIT has only been available to Mankind since the year 4034 AM. -34AD- ,On the Day of Pentecst /// Feast Of Weeks
    Regards John

    • John, I edited out of your comment the derogatory term you used for homosexuals. This kind of terminology isn’t acceptable on my blog. I appreciate your passion about the vile sin of homosexuality that YHVH calls an abomination, but using slurs cheapens our position and or credibility.

      Look, let’s also get all fired up against all the other sins that are just as vile in YHVH’s eyes that are destroying our society. Homosexuals are often the ones we love to hate. In reality, most of them are broken and hurting people who need YHVH’s love. Of course, there are those who are hardened and past redemption, are filled with the devil and hate YHVH. That is the minority. Other sins that are also destroying our society include adultery? Years ago, more than 40 percent for men in the church were adulterers. Don’t know what it is now. Pornography is not much different than adultery. In most cases, probably the same thing. It’s pretty high among “Christian” men. How about abortion? Or eating unclean foods, which YHVH also calls an abomination.

      Bottom line: Sin is killing this nation and our society. There is virtually no fear of Yah left anymore anywhere, and the moral and spiritual boundaries are largely gone. The most vile sins are encouraged and celebrated, not shunned. Selfish, arrogant, hedonistic self worship is now the religion of most. This mentality, to one degree or another, has overlapped on the majority of the “saints.”

      Yes the way is narrow. Few are choosing it. It seems to be getting harder to find.

      There will be more than 144,000 saved in the end times. That is likely a figurative number anyway. There is also the great and innumerable multitude that was gotten redeemed by the blood of the lamb out of the great tribulation (see Rev 7). But, for certain, I think it’s safe to say that the numbers of saints will be less than we think. If the righteous are scarcely saved, that doesn’t leave much room for the rest. On the other hand, our YHVH Elohim is, thankfully, very merciful. His mercy triumphs over his judgment. Let’s never forget that. When he pours out his Ruach upon the lost sheep of Israel (Ezek 36 and 37, etc.), many will come alive spiritually and hate the vile things they have done and get regenerated spiritually.

      All this is to say, bro, don’t despair. There is still hope, and we serve and awesome Elohim. He wants a family to spend eternity with, and he’s going to get one! Hang in there. We will reap if we faint not.

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