Reunited Israel in Goshen — A Prophetic Picture of the Millennium?

Genesis 46:1–7, The reuniting of Jacobs family — the twelve tribes of Israel. These verses recount the move of Jacob and his family to Egypt where they were reunited with Joseph and his family.

This prophetically foreshadows a time in the future, which the Jewish sages call the final redemption, which is to occur just prior to and at the coming of Messiah Son of David as he comes to establish the Messianic Era (Millennium).

The Jewish sages teach that part of that final redemption includes the reunification of the two houses of Israel (i.e. the Messiah-loving Jews and Torah-loving Christians) into one kingdom under Messiah Son of David. Where do we find this prophesied in the Scriptures? (Read Ezek 37:15–28, which interestingly enough is this week’s Haftorah portion!) This speaks of the family reunification or ­reconciliation of Judah and Ephraim at Messiah’s return. (Hos 5:15–6:4; 1:11; Acts 3:21; Ezek 37:25). This will be a supernatural work of the Ruach haKodesh (Set-Apart Spirit) of Elohim (Ezek 36:19–32).

After the reunification of the divided family, where did the reunited and reconciled family move to? (Read Gen 46:34.) Goshen was in the Nile River delta area and was, and to this day is, the prime farm land of Egypt. It was a veritable promised land compared to the arid regions of Canaan. Could Goshen be a tiny shadow-picture of the Millennium?

The Jewish sages have a sense that history for the people of Israel is continually repeating itself, over and over again in cyclical patterns as YHVH works his purposes out among his people. He is continually endeavoring to reveal his plan of redemption and reconciliation to those who have eyes to see, and continually reaching out the loving hand of reconciliation to the next generations of Israelites. This is but one more picture of the cyclical pattern of redemption that we see YHVH working out in the pages of Scripture all pointing toward a final climax at the end of the age where all of the children of Israel will worship YHVH in spirit and in truth (John 4:23) under the rulership of King Yeshua the Messiah, Son of Joseph/David.


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  1. “…Could Goshen be a tiny shadow-picture of the Millennium?…”

    Joseph is a “shadow picture” of Yeshuah. Guess where Yeshuah supports/feeds his flock during the tribulation? In the wilderness of the people where he/we meet for the first time, face to face and he purges the rebels from among us.

    “Goshen” will be in mountainous areas in/alongside “Egypt”

    We here in South Africa have already “selected” two areas where we flee to , during an upcoming Pesach. We are waiting for the economy of the world to collapse, which will indicate which year it will be our wilderness experience[Greater exodus].


  2. Amen brother! Confirmation.
    And the brutal truth for those who believe the Holy Law is done away with? Messiah only speaks of two houses of the one new man.
    I’ve heard of these Goshens throughout the world.

    • The Bible teaches over and over again that the two subdivided houses of Israel will reunite by the Spirit of Elohim through Yeshua the Messiah to form the one olive tree of Israel, which is the one new man, bride of Yeshua.

  3. Exo 23:20 “Behold, I send an angel before you, to keep you by the way, and to bring you into THE PLACE WHICH I HAVE PREPARED.
    Exo 23:21 Pay attention to him, and listen to his voice. Don’t provoke him, for he will not pardon your disobedience, for my name is in him.
    Exo 23:22 But if you indeed listen to his voice, and do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy to your enemies, and an adversary to your adversaries.
    Exo 23:23 For my angel shall go before you……..

    Rev 12:6 The woman fled into the wilderness, where she has A PLACE PREPARED BY GOD, that there they may nourish her one thousand two hundred sixty days.
    Rev 12:14 Two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, that she might fly into the wilderness to HER PLACE, so that she might be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

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