Joseph: A Young Man Who Didn’t Lose Faith in the Midst of Severe Trials

Genesis 45:5, 7, 8, Elohim sent me. Joseph was sold into slavery at age 17, was freed from prison and made ruler of Egypt at age 30, then seven years of plenty followed, and two years of famine had passed by the time he was reunited with is brothers. Only after 22 years in Egypt did Joseph finally figure out Elohim’s grand and wonderful plan for his life, and how it involved the saving of his family. Had Joseph lost faith along the way, become embittered over his misfortunes, and turned from Elohim, the nation of Israel may have never been preserved. Keeping one’s eyes on Elohim, and refusing to lose faith during the dark times can yield some amazingly triumphant outcomes, as we learn from the life of Joseph.

Joseph in prison


3 thoughts on “Joseph: A Young Man Who Didn’t Lose Faith in the Midst of Severe Trials

  1. Yahshua is my favorite person int he bible.. Joseph my second favorite.. I’ll never forget learning about his life story especially some key events in his life..

    His dreams..His brothers betrayal of him.. runing from the sexual advances of Potiphars wife, His understanding of the King’s dream… his roller coaster life of being in jail one day and raised to 2nd in command the next day…how he wailed when we saw his brothers.. and everything else… I always thought wow.. what a life he lived..

    and threw it all He kept the Torah and believed in the coming redeemer..

  2. What impresses me about him is that even though his brothers sold him into slavery, he still loved them. He had the power to destroy them because of his anger, yet he wanted to draw them near. To care for his family. How patient was he to endure and have such love still in his heart.

    • Well said, and a challenging example for us all to endeavor to follow. The ultimate example of this are the words of Yeshua to his murders while hanging on the cross: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

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