Protecting Our Children from the Filth of Babylon

Genesis 24:6, 8, Beware that you bring not my son there again. Why was Abraham insistent that Isaac not be exposed to Babylon? What was there to beware of ( Heb. shamar meaning “to guard against, protect from, keep watch and ward, preserve, keep oneself from”)?

Horse manure with flies

The key is verse seven. What does this teach us about protecting our children and loved ones from the corrupting influences of this world? We must be ever vigilant like a soldier on guard duty to preserve and protect our children from those things that could lead to their spiritual ruination.

YHVH had led Abraham out of the spiritual filth of Babylon. In no way did he want Isaac to go back to what he had left behind. If Isaac had seen the prosperity and convenience of a Babylonian lifestyle, he might have been tempted to stay there — especially if he had found a suitable wife there. Abraham insisted that any potential mate leave Babylon and come to Isaac and not vice versa.

Are we investing the necessary time and energy into our children to insure that they do not return to the spiritual Babylon from which we fled prior to our conversion, and that they find spouses who are willing to leave spiritual Babylon behind before marrying our children?


3 thoughts on “Protecting Our Children from the Filth of Babylon

  1. I am continually praying for them and if I have the chance to talk to them, I speak Truth in the life!! It is a scary world we live in these days!

  2. So true Natan: this has been one of our biggest focuses for our young men …not an easy task we have as parents it is always challenging keeping up @ times ..we can only do the job correctly with the Ruach’s help everyday.Pray & fast diligently upholding TRUTH before them..& not compromising. They will & do TEST US @ TIMES part of growing up but they need firmness & consistency ..not being tossed by a wave to & fro
    We have prayed re this matter & desire a Godly partner for them if that is Yah’s will..
    His will be done.

    • I have four adult children (ages 18 to 24), and we do the best we can to raise them with a good foundation, then we have to let the little eagles launch out of the nest on their own. That’s hard to do because mistakes will be made (on our side and theirs!), and we have to learn to when to speak and when not to (most of the time, the latter!). Many things they have to learn on their own and nothing we say will make any difference. I believe that our greatest asset or weapon to help them is prayer and love. If we can love our kids so much that they keep coming back to us no matter what and they want to hang out with us, then we have power to continue to influence them for Yeshua. This will be a silent witness to them that will speak louder than words.

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