New Video: The 8 Stages of Exiting Spiritual Babylon

“Come out of her my people,” is the cry of a loving Elohim to his people to exit spiritual Babylonian religious systems. Coming out of unbiblical and manmade spiritual pardigms can be daunting. Where do you go? Who do you trust? This video will be a like a flashlight in a pitch dark, unfamiliar room, for it will help you to navigate the tortuous and perilous waters back to the original faith of Yeshua’s apostles, and back to the pure truth of YHVH Elohim as taught by Yeshua and his disciples all in preparation for being the chaste bride of Yeshua at his second coming.


1 thought on “New Video: The 8 Stages of Exiting Spiritual Babylon

  1. Thanks for sharing this teaching on the stages of riding ourselves from spiritual Babylon. Also it was nice to be apart of the Feast of Sukkot with you all. I’m now healing from my surgery on the left knee and it is great to have good teachings like this to listen too. Shabbat Shalom Natan and family

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