New Video: The Book of Enoch—Fact or Fiction?

Is the Book of Enoch a credible source for spiritual truth? How does it compare with the truth of the Bible? Who are the sons of God? Who are the watchers? What about giants or the nephilim? This video answers these questions and much more.


1 thought on “New Video: The Book of Enoch—Fact or Fiction?

  1. Thanks brother Joseph for a great teaching about this false book called Enoch. I too fell into the giants/Angels having sex with the daughters of men. I became so overwhelmed with this nonsense, along with believers who I thought where true followers of Yeshua Messiah. I believe Yah grace for me began to show me who’s I was and who’s they were really following. I am so grateful he rescued me and now today leads me on the narrow path of his Truth/ Righteousness. Shabbat Shalom

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