Question: What university can I study at to learn YHVH’s truth?

Here is a question from Xavier that just came into this blog:

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I have been asking God to answer some of my questions
and he answered through the video of Christian Church Divorced Hebrew Roots I want to know if you guys a university that you recommend me going to because I want to learn Gods way of abiding by his law I want to serve our God our Father our Savior our Holy Spirit for Eternity please help me to find a university study at that teaches Gods Torrah and the New Testement correctly.

Here is my response. Perhaps it will help and encourage some other people as well as Xavier.

Shalom Xavier. Excellent question. Thank you for allowing me to answer it.

There is only one university one earth that you can study at to learn what you want. It’s the same one that all the biblical prophets, the disciples of Yeshua and the apostles went to. It’s called sitting at the feet of Yeshua the Messiah, being led of the Holy Spirit, reading, studying and meditating and then obeying or walking out the word of Elohim. It all starts with a faith in Yeshua and a total commitment of love him by keeping his Torah commandments (John 14:15; 1 John 2:3–6). It’s called forsaking all the doctrines and traditions of men that are contrary to the word of Elohim and following Yeshua, the Lamb of Elohim, wherever he leads you no matter where it may take you.

You see, Xavier, I’ve studied at four universities and colleges in America and Europe and have taken numerous classes at other institutions of learning as well, and none of them taught me anything that I’m now sharing on this blog, or on our YouTube channel or on our website. I learned what I know because I was determined to seek to know YHVH Elohim with all my mind and heart, and haven’t ever stopped. You must do the same thing. Sorry, but you won’t learn most of this at any Christian seminary or Bible college or at a Jewish yeshiva either.

When I started studying YHVH’s word back in the 1960s, this was long before the internet. All I had was my Bible, a lot of books that borrowed from my father’s library, my church and my parents. I learned from them and I asked a lot of questions. Now with the internet, you can learn from all sorts of places like But your main place will still be your Bible and your personal relationship with Elohim as he teaches you through his Holy Spirit. If you seek him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength, and are totally committed to obey him no matter the cost, he will begin to pour out to you spiritual revelation. He will also bring people across your path who will disciple and mentor you. YHVH is faithful!

My brother, this is your university if you’re willing and committed to enroll in it for the rest of your life.

You will graduate when when you meet Yeshua in the air at his second coming having left your mortal body behind in favor of a glorified body and when you hear the words, “Well done, thou good faithful servant, enter into life and the kingdom my Father in heaven has prepared for you.”

Happy studying!


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  1. I too sought an education at a Bible College for the purpose of preparing ministry. Our Father in Heaven I’m sure chuckled as i pursued His direction. All avenues were closed one after another and I am glad to say in the last 30 years of searching, praying, reading/meditating the Scriptures, YHWH guided me and taught me at the His feet in His way at His timing and I am better off for it. Ministry is full time, or should be, for EVERY disciple of Messiah Yeshua, not just for “the professionals”. He has clearly shown me Truth and His ways that I would NEVER have learned at a Christian Bible College or Seminar.Brother Xavier, seek Him with ALL your Heart and He will guide and teach you in ways you would never have dreamed. Be willing to go where you are commanded and guided and you will be richly blessed!

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