The Torah Foundation of the New Covenant

Understanding the Abrahamic Covenant

In Ephesians 2:12, Paul uses the phrase “covenants of promise” (plural) and relates this to the believer in Yeshua. Obviously, Paul had more than just the new covenant (singular) in his mind. In this video, we discuss how the Abrahamc and Mosiac Covenants form the foundation for the New Covenant, which is an expanded and more glorious version of the former covenants, and how the Torah relates to them all and to YOU.


2 thoughts on “The Torah Foundation of the New Covenant

    • Been asking the same question for awhile myself. It simply gets down the to carnality of human beings who refuse to die to themselves and exalt YHVH Yeshua and his kingdom to their rightful place. Add to this the attacks of Satan who knows that this movement is the only one on earth that can stop him. Simply put, that’s it.

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