New Video: Yeshua Teaches on Divorce and Children

In this video, Natan discusses how Yeshua teaches that divorce isn’t YHVH intended ideal marital situation, but that due to the hardness of the human heart, Moses (obviously, with Elohim’s permission) allowed for it (under certain stringent conditions, as the Torah spells out).
Lest anyone get the idea that the Bible permits divorce for any reason (as the Pharisaical school of Hillel taught), Yeshua asserts that divorce and remarriage (often) results in an adulterous situation.
Then the Gospel writer seeming switches gears and records Yeshua’s blessing the children and encouraging this disciples to become like little children in order to enter the kingdom of Elohim.
Is Yeshua’s discussion about divorce and his blessing of the children just random and unrelated events in the Gospel narrative, or are these events strangely related employing a typically Hebraic teaching style to teach an important lesson? What this video to find out.


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