Why the Bible Commands Church Attendance — Blessings and Benefits of It

Did you know the Bible commands church attendance in both the OT and NT? You can’t reach your full spiritual potential without it. It can help keep you from backsliding into Laodiceanism. The writer of Hebrew likens it to a holy of holies experience that helps prepare us to be the bride of Yeshua at his second coming. There are even more blessings and benefits. Watch the video to learn what they are.


6 thoughts on “Why the Bible Commands Church Attendance — Blessings and Benefits of It

  1. Shalom Natan and thanks, I really needed to hear this teaching. Unfortunately I live in the UK, Plymouth, and there are no congregations that meet on Shabbat, let alone follow the pattern of Acts. Great words of wisdom anyaway.

    • Everyone who reads this, please say a prayer for Robert and his wife, so that YHVH will bring them someone with whom to fellowship, or bring a hungry soul across their path who they can begin to disciple and have fellowship with that way. It’s really tough being alone.
      Robert, YHVH only expects us to do the best we can do.
      Consider this. In our modern age of telecommunications, there are other ways to fellowship thanks to technology. There are telephone conference calls, Skype, chatrooms and things like that.
      Nothing can ever take the place of face-to-fact meetings with like-minded brethren, but there are many second-best alternatives, though.
      One of the things our ministry attempts to provide for folks like you are teachings that can feed you spiritually or from which you can launch your own fellowship when YHVH sends you someone.
      While you’re alone, use the time to read and study as much as possible, so that when YHVH sends you someone, you’ll be ready to disciple them. Be a good steward now, and YHVH will reward you later once you’ve proved your faithfulness.
      Be encouraged!

  2. Thank you for this video and the love you have for your flock. Could you please pray for my family? We live in St. Mary’s County, MD and while new to following YHVH and His Torah, we have no fellowship here. We have sought it out either to be rejected cruelly or flat out ignored. We do Facetime with family in Ohio but there are no congregations here. We are actively searching and have even placed my name and email on a Hebrew Roots map and an ad on a religion forum for the county we live in. We have no fellowship and no shepherd here. We are trying to not be discouraged and your teachings and videos have immensely blessed us and enriched our walk. Thank you again. Shalom

    • Please, everyone reading this note from Brandy, please pray that YHVH will lead them to a fellowship, even if it’s only several people.
      Brandy, sometimes, as tough as it is, the Father leaves us in the wilderness for a bit to strengthen us spiritually —— to learn to trust and rely on him more rather than on men and organizations. You may be in a better season than you think. He’s teaching you to grow up and to stand on your own. Use this time wisely to grow and learn, so that you’ll be ready for your next spiritual assignment. Embrace your time in the wilderness and find the blessing in it. There’s a blessing in everything if we look for it.
      Don’t be too quick to jump into the first fellowship you find. There are good and bad ones. So be careful. Learn to hear the heart and voice of Yah and be lead of the Spirit.
      As you’re growing and learning about the Hebrew roots, ask Yah to bring someone along who knows less than you and who you can begin to disciple. The teacher always learns more than the disciple.That’s the blessing of it. As a side benefit, you will have some fellowship as well.
      I hope this helps a little.

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