Yeshua Is More Than a Mere Carpenter

Matthew 13:55, Carpenter’s son. Yeshua was physically and spiritually a carpenter or housebuilder (Pss 104:3; 127:1; Heb 3:1–6). He still works with wood in that he’s joining the two sticks of the two houses of Israel together (Ezek 37:19).


Men are like trees or sticks that Yeshua is putting together (Mark 8:23–24) into one house, or one tree — the olive tree of Israel (Ezek 37:19 cp. Rom 11:16–18; Jer 11:16; Hos 14:6). At his second coming, Yeshua will permantly bind or graft the two houses together legally as he finalizes the new covenant, which he initated at his last supper (Matt 26:28 cp. Heb 8:8, 13 and Jer 31:31, 33).


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