Study, Study, and Study the Word of Elohim! It’s Your Lifeline.

I just wanted to share how Carol White from Los Cruces, New Mexico organizes her week around the Hoshana Rabbah Biblical Discipleship Resource’s Bible study materials. Perhaps this will give you some ideas of some possibilities in how to study the Word of Elohim in a disciplined manner.

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Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Blog Scripture Readings. It has worked out so well in my daily prayers and readings.

On Sunday I read the Parashat. Monday the Haftarah. Tuesday the Prophets. Wednesday the Writings. And then on Thursday the Testimony.

This leaves Friday and Saturday where I can focus on the Sabbath and studying the other materials you provide on the website.

What a great way to spend the week in Abba’s Word and stay on track with the weekly Parashat and other Scriptures!

Thank you so much for developing this helpful and useful blog.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a daily routine of studying the Word of Elohim. It’s literally a spiritual lifesaver for every child of Elohim. It is the answer to all the ills that face you individually, your family, your city, your state, our nation and the world!

The Bible is full of examples that point us to the need to be washed in the water of YHVH’s Word daily. Whether it was the twice daily sacrifices that occurred in the tabernacle and temple that are a picture of our prayers and devotions going up to heaven, or the menorah being cleaned and relit each evening, or the Jerusalem apostles visiting the temple for the regular set time of prayer, or David worshipping Elohim seven times daily, or Daniel thrice daily, our daily Bible study is a spiritual lifeline that enables us to survive and thrive in a world that is bent on snuffing out every ember of YHVH’s spiritual light, love and truth.

The reason I started this blog was to encourage and to facilitate the study of the Word of Elohim in your life. This is what our whole ministry is dedicated to doing.


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