Let’s Go to the Movies: Torah Paradigm

At this movie, you’ll have to get your own popcorn and soda—hey, but the price is right! The admission is free. Plop yourself down into favorite chair, get a cup of hot stuff and sit back and get spiritually fed for some no-guilt entertainment. Okay, it’s not exactly brainless entertainment, but it’ll hopefully be a sweet dessert for your spirit man.


The marquis on this billboard reads as follows:

Torah Central—A New Spiritual Paradigm Through Which to View the Bible

Here’s the description:

Do your spiritual glasses obscure or improve your view of the Bible? Do you view the Bible through the perspective of the church and its traditions of men, or through the lens of the heart and Spirit of YHVH Elohim, the God of the Bible? This teaching discusses viewing the Bible through the paradigm of Torah—both the Written Torah and Yeshua the Living Torah as revealed in Genesis 1, Psalms 119 and Revelation 21 and 22.

This is our third video. Each one, hopefully is getting a tiny bit better in quality. It’s our desire that the content will make up for the lack of cinematic sophistication. Nonetheless, I’m playing with camera angles and lighting, and critiquing myself on my delivery and trying to improve in that department as well. Constructive suggestions from the audience—especially from those who have some background in filmmaking—would be appreciated.

Our next flick will hopefully be a live presentation at our congregation this coming Shabbat.

When watching the video, and check out the rooster.



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