Can the Same Person Be Both a Prophet of Elohim and Demonized?

Below are two examples from the life of King Saul who at times prophesied while under the influence of the Set-Apart Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) of Elohim, and at other times he was under the influence of an evil (demonic) spirit (e.g., when he tried to murder David, when he sought counsel of the witch of Endor).

1 Samuel 18:10, Saul…prophesied. Saul prophesied (Heb. naba). Naba can refer to the prophetic utterances of both true and false prophets. When Saul was under the influence of the Spirit of Elohim he prophesied by the Set-Apart Spirit. When under the influence of an evil spirit, he “raved” (NAS). Is Saul a picture of modern Torahless prophets in the church who sometimes prophesy and sometimes rave?

1 Samuel 19:20–24, Saul and his servants prophesy. Though Saul and his servants were under the influence of an evil spirit, when they came under the influence of the Spirit of Elohim, they would prophesy by the Spirit. Many people in the church claim to be prophets, though they are only walking partially in Torah and partially following the rudiments of this world or pagan and church traditions that violate the Torah-word of Elohim. These are Babylonian prophets who prophesy mixture: sometimes truth and sometimes error.

Do King Saul-type prophets exist in the church today? Many of us have seen or heard those in the church who claim to be prophets, yet they are largely Torahless in belief and practice (all the true biblical prophets were Torah-obedient, as far as we know), are profiting from their careers as prophets (“for-profit prophets?”), and many of their “prophetic” words are later proven to be impossible to substantiate, or are flat-out dead wrong! However, sometimes, their prophecies are right on. What do you make of this? Can this be reconciled from the Scriptures?

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